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I decided to write this asiame review since I heard a lot of controversial things about this dating service. Some say that it is a great place for finding a soulmate, others state that asiame scams its users.

The background of such accusations was the fact that previously this site had another name - Chnlove. I cannot say for sure why it was decided to change the site’s name, but as I found out from one very detailed chnlove review, there were a lot of complaints from users who were very pissed off because of the chnlove scam policy.

There were many things which irritated users, but the absence of real ladies was probably the biggest of chnlove scams.

All women there were very friendly and open for communication, but once you started talking about a possibility to meet in real life, the girl suddenly stopped replying to your messages without any explanations.

There were also cases when the meeting finally occurred. It was really the girl that a user saw on the profile’s photos, but it seemed that it was not her the user talked via chat.

The girl’s behavior was different as well as her manner of talk. And it was obvious that somebody else was chatting instead of her.

All these users’ concerns motivated me to check Asiame personally and find the truth. I wanted to ascertain myself whether this dating platform is a scam or people just talk there. By the way, if you're looking for a quick date, you might want to check my benaughty review

What is Asiame? is a classical dating platform which is mostly oriented toward European and American men.

The site itself claims that AsiaMe is a premium international dating site which helps beautiful Asian women find serious relationships with men from around the world. Check this asiacharm review as and japancupid review well.

Their mission is to provide members with safe methods of communication and help find a love one.

Sounds great, indeed! But is asiame real? The only way to know that is to test this site and that’s exactly what I am going to do.

Is Asiame worth it?

There is a lot of asiame dating online scams feedback from people on the web. However, I want to put any statements and suggestions away and only talk about facts. So, what is really good and bad about this dating site?


  • You can download asiame app on your phone
  • Free 2 minutes in chat for new users
  • An option to make video calls


  • 30 minutes in chat will cost you up to 100 dollars
  • No anti-scammers guarantees
  • To view some photos you need to pay additionally, even in chat

Sign up Process

Registration is very simple at There are only a couple of fields that you need to complete to start chatting with ladies.

Provide your first and last name, select your gender, indicate the date of birth, email address, and make a password for your account. Also, do not forget to agree to the terms of use or you will be denied access.

sign up process

That’s all you need to do to get to the homepage of the site. You will also be offered to answer a few questions about your perfect match, but that is not obligatory and you may skip it. Congratulations, you are now a member of Asiame!

Aisame Website Usability

This site is not very simple for understanding if you are a new user. There are a lot of buttons and services, so you need to spend some time to figure out how everything works here.

On the home page, you will see photos of users and even get an immediate opportunity to start a chat with them.

On the left side, there will be 9 buttons, but let’s check only those which offer some types of services and skip some standard options like Customer Care, Contact List, or Go Premium. So, how can you interact with users on this site?

asiame ladies

Live Chat is probably the fastest way of communication with other visitors. Select a person and click the green button Start the Chat.

This option allows exchanging instant messages, but beware because the system takes credits from your balance for every minute you spend in this chat. Also take into consideration that to view photos attached in this chat, you should pay additionally for each one.

EMF Mail actually works as a standard email. The advantage of this service is that you can write and receive pretty long messages and even attach video, pictures, and virtual gifts. There is a fixed price for this service, and you pay for the entire mail and not for time like in Live Chat.

CamShare is a video-chat which is supposed to give you more interesting communication. That’s probably one of the most reliable ways to ensure that a user you are talking to is not a fake.

You can also make a call instead of a video chat, but who needs this function when you can see a person instead.

Those are all the ways that you can use to communicate with users. Now, let’s check what filters Asiame offers for you to find people that match your requirements.

match search

Actually, they are quite common. As always, you may set the specific age, height (but not weight, that’s strange, usually this option is available), country, profession, relationship status, range of interests, and some other parameters. Everything to find exactly who you need.

User Account

All ladies on Asiame are from such regions as China, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Korea, Japan, and Singapore. You will find neither European nor Middle East women on this site.

A user’s profile on Asiame will seem very familiar if you have ever visited dating services before.

There are a large profile photo and a few other images. However, not all photos are opened, and you need to be a premium user to view them all.

woman profile

Under the profile photo, you may find communication channels - Chat, Mail, and Call. Each of them requires credits and only chat is available for free if you are a new user.

But do not expect that this benefit will last for long. After a couple of minutes of conversation with a girl, you will lose such an opportunity, and the system will require you to buy credits to continue communication.

Under the user’s photo, you will find the detailed profile information which is subdivided into three sections.

The first section contains details on a user’s age, height, weight, marital status, education, and so on.

In the second section, a user provides a short narration about oneself and a perfect match that this person wants to find on this dating website. And the last section is about personal interests so that you could see what you have in common.

detailed profile

Credits and Payment Methods

To communicate with users, you need to purchase credits. Nothing is free here, and you need to pay money if you want to talk at least to someone on this site.

So, how much does communication with girls cost? It depends on the package you select. The more credits included in a package, the cheaper the cost of 1 credit is.

Hence, the price may vary from 4 to 8 dollars per 1 credit. But let’s take a look at how many credits you need to spend to talk to a girl.

  • 5 mins of chat cost 0.5 credit
  • 1 CamShare costs 0.6 credit
  • 1 mail costs 1 credit

So, a very short conversation where you will at best learn a bit about each other and send on average 20 messages, I guess will cost you 12 - 24 dollars. That’s the price for communication only.

For each sent or viewed photo, you should pay 1.5 credits additionally. So, as you can see, chatting with girls on this site is not cheap. You may spend a hundred dollars in one hour finding not a single potential friend or soulmate.

No wonder that there are so many reviews where people complain that they spent a lot of money in vain.


To buy credits, use one of five available options - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal.

Is Asiame Safe?

Now, the most interesting question - Is asiame com legit? Actually, yes, it is safe to use this service, but you should be very careful or you may lose a lot of money.

Pay attention that once you purchase credits, the system will automatically take money from your balance when there is only 1 credit left.

The company informs about that but prefers not to draw users’ attention to this issue a lot. As a result, many people do not notice right away that they have spent a huge sum of money on the dating site since they believed that they used only those credits which they have paid for.

Another issue that I want you to pay attention to is the company’s disclaimer. In fact, it is said that there are no guarantees that all users are real on this site and AsiaMe is not responsible for that.

There are some tips on how to avoid fraudsters on the site such as not to send money or provide some personal information, especially your financial particulars.

If you have noticed that some users behave suspiciously, you may inform the site’s administration and they are supposed to take measures. However, if you become a victim of scammers on AsiaMe, the service is not responsible for that and will not compensate for any money losses.

Concluding Thoughts

My verdict about Asiame is simple - if you are going to use this site, you should be very and very careful.

You should be ready to spend hundreds of dollars on pointless communication where girls will be quite indifferent towards you. Maybe, you will be lucky and manage to find someone who will be interested in you.

But even then, beware, maybe it is just another fraudster who has an intention to get an even larger sum of money from you than Asiame has already taken. I don’t know whether dating websites should be like that, but personally I feel very uncomfortable and unsafe looking for my soulmate knowing that at any moment I can lose money.


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