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WellHello Review

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wellhello review

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On the Internet, you can find plenty of WellHello reviews, but most of them provide very brief information on this site, and many questions are left unanswered. I decided to make my contribution, and thus, I wrote this WellHello review.

I hope, it will help you to understand whether this dating platform is what you need and what’s more important, you will get an answer to the main question “Is WellHello scam or a reliable dating website?”

What is WellHello?

If you want to get a simple and honest answer, then WellHello, similar to VictoriaMilan, is a dating website for people who need more than just dating. Under “more” I mean not like having children, serious relationships, or marriage.

I think it is not the right place for things like that, though I believe you can find some people with such interests here. “More” means that people on this site prefer not to hide their intentions (women as well as men) and inform you directly what kind of dating they want to experience with you.

After registration, you will start receiving messages from many members who like your profile with different offers and suggestions. It is a perfect place for those who want to skip the long and boring introductory part that usually happens on the first and maybe a few further dates and want to jump to the part when the most interesting things happen.

By the way, there is a very cool WellHello app that will allow you always to be online and use a nice application instead of the mobile version of the site.

Is WellHello worth it?

Is WellHello legit? Should I try it? The answer to the first question is - Yes. The answer to the second question is - It depends on many factors because it is always a coin with two sides. So, let’s see each of these sides, but the conclusion is up to you.


  • a 1-day trial only for $1
  • ladies write first
  • vivid members’ profiles


  • starting a chat requires buying a membership
  • some photos are not available if you don’t have a membership

Sign-up Process

To start using WellHello dating website, you need to create an account. Registration is free, and it will not take more than a couple of minutes.

There are 4 obligatory fields, and as always, you have to provide some basic information about yourself, such as gender, email, password, age, and Zip code.

sign process

Right after registration, you will be offered to buy unlimited access.

However, you can skip it for now, and return to it later after you spend some time on the site and decide whether WellHello dating is what you need.

wellhello services

WellHello Website Usability

So, how does this site look inside? What should you expect of it? Well, it seems quite simple and comprehensive, so you will not wander around searching for how to set the filters or chat with other members.

website usability

But let’s lay it out in order. On the homepage, you can find the profiles of users. They were selected based on the default preferences that you had set in your profile. You can always change them if you visit your profile settings, or use the Search button to specify your request.

After that, every time you will visit the homepage, you will see only the relevant users profiles that satisfy your search filters. Besides these common features that you can find almost on any dating website, WellHello also has Members Galleries. It performs almost the same functions as Search.

You can see some random photos of members, and if you like any, click on it and check the user’s profile. Within a couple of minutes, after I have completed a registration on WellHello site, I started receiving messages from ladies.

Some of them contained very explicit text and even photos. It seems girls on this site know what they want, and they do not wait for you to make the first step. Is WellHello real? I had a sort of the feeling it is, and I didn’t feel alone here.

User Account

Is WellHello a scam? The best way to find that out is to look through a couple of the users’ profiles. Even though the members’ profiles don’t contain a lot of information (there are a few sections like interests, about me, and personal details), that is enough to understand whether it is a person you need.

As for me, this piece of information allows me to know exactly what I need in some 30 seconds to make a decision whether it is worth writing to this member or not. The reason why I suggest that WellHello is not a scam is that all the members that I checked (a few dozens of them) had on average 5-10 photos.

Moreover, the images of members were often made in different locations, it is not like 5 photos in the same place where the only difference is a girl’s position. Some photos contain the label Private, and they are not visible to you if you don’t have a membership.

However, if you buy it, trust me, you will not regret what you can see in these photos. How else can a profile be useful? That’s the place where you can wink at a member and in this way, let her know that you like her, or use the chat button to start an immediate conversation in case this person is online. Check an example of such a profile below.

user account

user profiles info

Credits and Payment Methods

What I did like about this dating website is the price for a trial period. You can test this site buying a 1-day membership only for $1. Doesn’t it sound like a very reasonable price? A scam company would never give you such a chance, only the one that has nothing to hide.

payment option

Even if it turns out that this dating platform is not as good as it may seem, $1 is not a big sum. I am not sure whether you can even buy a cup of coffee for this money in Starbucks.

So, you lose nothing at all, and if you feel like you do, it’s just 1 dollar. In case you are interested in a more long-lasting membership, you can buy a monthly or annual subscription.

For $29.95, you can purchase unlimited access for 1 month or pay $120 and forget about the necessity to renew your membership every month for 1 year. Is WellHello a legit site? They accept MasterCard and Visa payment options and even provide online support in case you have any billing questions.

Not many dating platforms can offer the same. Personally, I have met one or two which had an online chat. Others provide communication only via email, which is very and very inconvenient, especially when you have questions about money.

Is WellHello Safe?

Ladies that you can meet on this site are very… enthusiastic if it is a correct word, but I guess you get what I mean. They want and need more than just talks, so sooner or later you will come to the point when it is time to meet each other offline.

Nevertheless, I still recommend knowing each other better before accepting her invitation for a date. The good news is that these ladies, at least all those who wrote me, have never talked about money or my financial status.

It seems they were only interested in good old “dating” and everything that goes after a “good dating”. So, your money is safe. These women have absolutely different hunger which only men can satisfy, and to be honest, some members look like they can take care of themselves and do not require financial help from men.

All they need is love. So, give them a bit of your love, they strive for it.

Concluding Thoughts

And here we have come to the end of my wellhello.com review, and it is time to say the final word. Is this site worth trying? As for me, yes, it is. It has an excellent 1-day trial for only $1.

That’s already a great argument because you can test this dating platform only for 1 dollar. None of the other sites can offer the same cheap offer. WellHello has online support chat. Again, only a few companies can offer you the same.

Finally, the ladies on this site are into dating, not your money or some other things. They just want to chat with you and ignore all the rules of the civilized society where a man has to make the first step.

If a lady likes you, she writes to you. That’s how it works on Wellhello. So, my final word is that WellHello is a good dating website, and the payment is very reasonable.


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