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I wasn’t geared towards creating dating website reviews. It all started from a small blog but when I got my first readers who encouraged me, I decided to go on. I do think I have something valuable to share with you. Throughout years I went out on numerous dates and met dozens of women. Sometimes relationships spanned for several months, sometimes it was just quick lovemaking. Anyway, I am happy to share the experience I’ve gathered through years of my romantic journey. It would be especially useful for those who have the questions like “is online dating worth it”, “is online dating safe” and others. The information given on this site may be useful if you’re looking for the love for the rest of your life, or at least, for the rest of your night. I tried to sort out my experience as detailed as possible. Please note that information given in reviews and blog articles is my personal experience which may not correspond with your own point of view. Please don't be hard on me.

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Frankly speaking, there were no certain criteria. When I was just starting out with dating sites I did as millions of people do: went online, googled for “best online dating sites and visited every site on the list. If the site caught my eye and I got interested in it I signed up and started using it. Some sites I came to know by word of mouth (some of my friends were using them as well), some sites I discovered by chance (saw an ad on Facebook or somewhere else on the Internet). Through the years I’ve used dozens of dating websites of various kinds. In my reviews and blog posts, I am more than happy to share all my experience and insights I’ve accumulated. I put extra efforts into reviews, trying to make them as profound and helpful as possible. I paid attention to every detail to prevent you from falling prey to scammy dating services the Internet is crawling nowadays with. I hope you’ll find much useful information and many tips in them which, in the end, will help you finally find the love of your life!

Robert Ward

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I’m a 45-years old bachelor. The divorce and all that stuff that comes along was quite painful and heartbreaking, to say nothing about the fact that my wife took all our possessions we had accumulated during the years of married life. This site started as a personal blog of a loner to keep myself busy during lonely nights and blow some steam off. If I can help at least one person, then my efforts won’t be in vain.