How to Write a Dating Profile for a Man

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So, you are on a dating site, and now you are ready to search for and find pretty ladies. That’s great! You see so many profiles which tempt you, and you want to start sending messages to women right now. Hold on! You haven’t filled your own profile yet! How would those women understand that you are the right match for them? Besides, nobody will write to you first because they will see an empty profile with no photos and only the name. Would you be interested in chatting with such a person? Of course, not! So, take your time and spend around 30 minutes to make your profile look great so that the ladies could see that you are not a fake but a real man who has serious intentions.

Now, let’s see how to write a dating profile for a man. No matter which dating sites you are on now, most of them have a very similar structure, and profiles are pretty much the same. There is a standard list of fields that you are offered to fill right after you complete a registration. The majority of them are not obligatory, but I still recommend not to skip any of them. The more you write about yourself, the more vivid your profile will look. And that’s exactly what women and men as well pay attention to on a dating site. People are searching for some real and open profiles, and that’s what you need to have. Tell about yourself, do not be brief, show what kind of a person you are, and ladies will be looking forward to chatting with you.

Witty dating profile examples and tips

1. Make up a right username

The first thing that you will be asked to mention, and if I am not mistaken even during a registration stage, is your username, name, or a nickname. Some prefer making unusual or catchy names like YourBestMatch, CrazyLover77, PassionateLover, and so on. What’s my opinion? It is like returning back to 2000s when people on forums tried inventing the most peculiar nicknames for their profiles. What are my thoughts about the perfect name? Well, here are dating site username ideas that I suggest will work the best.

  • Your name and nothing else. If you are looking for a serious relationship, not just a flirt, then make it simple. After a couple of messages, she will ask you about your actual name anyway, so why complicate things? Make it straight from the very beginning.
  • Add some spice. Use your real name, but make it sound a bit funny or even mysterious. For example: FireJack, IntriguingJames, LovelyMike, ImpossibleSteven. Make it crazy. In case you are looking for fun on dating sites and want to find a crazy lady just like you, you need to mark yourself with a sort of name which will be like a beacon for her. For example: UrTummyIsCute, LetsSkipNJump, CanUCook4me.
  • Sounds a bit weird? If you need a girl who is a bit of a weirdo, a name like this will make her pay attention to your profile.

2. Upload more photos

The more photos you upload, the better. One profile image is not enough, people always want to see more. Since you are dating online and by this time have not met in real life, she’d like to know how you look from all possible angles. So, don't be shy. I know you have a lot of good photos, so add them to your album. I would also recommend uploading different photos. I mean, having 12 photos in your album is good, but if they are all from one event (a party that you have recently went to), it is not what girls expect.

Create an album and name it “My Life” where you have 2 photos of you from a workplace, 3 from vacations, 2 where you play with your pets, 3 from the gym, and so on. Share your life with others because that’s what attracts people on dating sites.

3. Write emotions, not facts

When providing information about yourself in different fields, do not make it too formal as if you are writing a resume (though some of these forms look exactly like those you would have going for an interview). Men like to hear details, facts like I earn $5,000 per month, but women love emotions - Last month I spent a week on Bali. This holiday ripped me out of my routine life’s embraces. I’ve never felt so restored, fresh, and ready for new achievements. I wish I could repeat this vacation with somebody close to my heart. It is not even about the romantic appeal but psychology in its pure form. Women prefer men who can talk in a beautiful manner, not white collar snobs with only numbers on their minds.

4. Use humor as a method of attraction

A sense of humor is a must. Just google any how to write a dating profile examples articles, and you will always find this tip. Don’t be too serious, even if you are into serious relationships and want to find the love of your life on this site. Make jokes because all girls love men they have fun with. Sincere laughing is the first step that unites people and makes them want to spend more time together. So, even with your profile, do not lose a chance to write about serious things in a bit unserious manner.

5. Tell what kind of a person you need

I want to warn you not to write in the manner of a female vacancy. Something like - I am looking for a pretty girl, age 22 - 29, blue eyes, long blond hair, tall, slim, fit figure, and 36 DD breast size. Wow, take it easy, you are not on the market. Do not treat girls like that. Even if you do have a certain image of a perfect woman with all those parameters and requirements, do not tell about them in such a direct and impolite way. How do you do it the right way then?

I googled that issue, and most what to write about yourself on a dating site examples recommend to do in the following way.

Write about qualities, not quantities

Say what kind of a woman you are seeking but avoid cliche adjectives like honest, kind, sincere. For example: I am looking for a lady with whom I can spend lonely evenings and have a lot of fun. I like doing sports a lot, so I hope to find someone who can share this hobby with me.

Do not be too strict

Instead of listing all the parameters that your perfect match should have, better select only one which is the most important to you. For instance, it may be a love for traveling, a certain hobby like cooking, or a specific interest like music.

Avoid stereotypes

Do not write that you need a pretty girl. Every woman considers herself pretty, and the understanding is also different. It also refers to such things as funny, kind, attentive, communicative, and so on. All these criteria will not help you to specify who exactly you need.

The final tip that you should always keep in mind

The last thing I want to advise is to be honest. You have probably faced such situations yourself when a woman you met online turned out to be absolutely different and strange to you in reality. Do not wear masks, pretending that you are better than you really are, trying to attract a woman. All in all, every lie becomes evident in the end, and it only destroys the good beginning that you have worked on so hard.

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