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Happn vs Tinder - Apps Comparison

I love the possibility of fast dating and finding people nearby. That is why I pay attention to the largest hookup services. Today you will learn more about the Happn vs Tinder standoff. I will tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages. Then you will know what is best for you.

Happn vs Tinder: Quick information

So, here's what you should know about these services. Happn is an Android and iOS application that has been one of the dating sector leaders for six years. Here people can find possible local partners for flirting, dating, and relationships. Users can find someone with whom they might hesitate to meet in real life. The application allows you to view all users who were within a radius of 250 meters from you. This option is the most interesting for finding partners.

Log in Happn

Tinder is another great option when it comes to fast dating. Here you can also see photos of people and look for interesting accounts nearby. The main emphasis here is on the visual component and the original description of the page. You can log in to the site or use the application for smartphones or tablets. Let's start, “which is better Happn vs Tinder” battle.

Happn vs Tinder: Sign-Up Process

Here, both dating services have parity. You can sign up for Tinder or Happn using your Facebook or Google account. In this case, you can select those photos that you want to share with potential visitors to your profile. It is enough to follow the basic instructions and indicate the required amount of information about you. After that, you can use both services.

Log in Tinder

Happn vs Tinder: Costs

Both services have free and paid options. With Happn, you have to pay $19.99 for one month of premium options. A three-month subscription will cost you $16.00 per month. The cheapest is a six-month subscription. By choosing this tariff plan, you only have to pay $12 per month. Then you get all the premium features and unlimited communication with users.

Tinder allows users to communicate in the same region, as long as they both show mutual sympathy. But the standard features are limited. If you want unlimited likes, advanced profile settings, and other features, then you have to pay. Tinder Plus will set you back $14.99 per month. If you subscribe for half a year, then the monthly payment will be $10. The annual membership is the best deal, as it will cost you $6.67 per month.

You can also choose Tinder Gold. This paid subscription is slightly more expensive. One month's subscription costs $24.99. The six-month plan will set you back $15.00 for 30 days. The annual subscription will be cheaper (only $10.00 per month). This tariff is similar to Tinder Plus, with one exception. You can always see a blurry photo of someone who liked your photo. It's up to you to decide who the winner in the Tinder vs Happn battle is.

Happn vs Tinder: Trial Accounts

Happn doesn't have a free search feature. You can only view the profiles that automatically appear in the menu. Communication in trial mode is possible only if there is mutual sympathy. The number of likes is limited, and you cannot activate stealth mode. If you missed a profile, then you have to accept it or buy a premium account. Viewing the profiles we have selected is free.

Search on Happn

Tinder also allows you to start chatting with those who have shown mutual sympathy for you. Unlike Happn, all profiles nearby can be viewed again. For example, you didn't like anyone, and the girls are over. I waited for a few days and re-entered the application. 

As a result, I saw the same profiles that were there earlier. Tinder also allows you to put likes and super likes. But your free activity is also limited. It is difficult for me to single out a favorite since the functionality is at about the same level.

Happn vs Tinder: Popularity

Tinder is an older horse on the racetrack that has gained popularity among audiences. There are more active users here, but the same applies to fakes. More than 28 million people are registered here, and this is only the audience from the USA. Another reason why Tinder is more popular is its huge marketing campaign.

account screenshot in Tinder

Dating service occupies about a quarter of the entire world market. Happn leads in the number of registered people, with fewer active users. This is another aspect of Happn vs Tinder popularity. With Tinder you don't need to look at the best black dating sites. The ad has made Tinder synonymous with sex dating, making it the number one most mentioned service. 

Happn vs Tinder: Features and Functionality

Happn relies on local searches within 250 meters. This means that you will see all the matches with people who have been around throughout the day. The application automatically shows users suitable candidates for dating. You can dismiss the profile, like it, or say hi. 

The notifications tab allows you not to miss all current activities. You can also explore the map to see who came your way. The app has a simple yet user-friendly text chat with support for text, emoticons, giphy, and voice messages. I liked how editing a personal profile and the ability to invite friends are implemented here.

Tinder is a little different. Here you can see all the people who are near you. Searching and sorting profiles are based on swipes. Swipe left if the person doesn't interest you. Swipe to the right means like. If you pinch the photo and swipe up, send a super like. 

The menu contains a section with those who have rated your profile and top accounts. Also, Tinder allows you to exchange text messages. All users can add their own photos, make a detailed description, and greet potential partners.

Happn vs Tinder: Interface and design

Basically, both apps have a similar interface. Happn and Tinder have a light background and a horizontal menu with sections. The main difference is only in the way custom photos and icons are judged. In tinder, everything is swipe-based, while Happn users have to click on buttons. I was unable to identify a clear favorite, even with a detailed comparison. In my opinion, these two apps are equally good in terms of interface and design.

Screenshot with map

Happn vs Tinder: Demographics

Both dating services have a large audience around the world. I want to focus on US users. Happn has over 6 million US users, while Tinder boasts 28 million US accounts. But you should know that the male audience is dominant in both cases. Girls own only 40% of profiles on Happn and Tinder. But the second option is more priority since you will have access to a larger audience.

Happn vs Tinder: Effectiveness

I am ready to talk about this aspect from a personal point of view. I managed to find interesting people to meet and meet in real life on both hookup platforms. Happn lags in the number of responses, but the likelihood of meeting someone for an adult date here is slightly higher. My Tinder contacts were more relaxed, but far fewer were willing to meet in real life.

Happn vs Tinder: Guarantees

Both dating services guarantee you the opportunity to find someone nearby for communication and possible meetings. This is already enough. It all depends on your profile, description, and quality of photos. No one guarantees that everyone will fall in love with you at first sight.

I signed up for both apps, and only 35% of all my likes were reciprocal. It's worth noting that I did get all of the claimed features in Happn and Tinder after I signed up for paid subscriptions. I was also able to get high-quality technical support and find out everything that interested me.

Happn vs Tinder: Which Works Better?

Finding winners is always a difficult and thankless question. I have a lot of experience registering on dating services, and I have something to compare with. On the one hand, Tinder allows you to find more people, and many of them are willing to chat. But Happn leads the way in terms of the number of users who are not afraid of real dates. I would encourage you to try both options and find out which is best for you.


Why you should not use Tinder? Not all users are ready to meet in real life. You should deal with that.
Does Tinder give you fake matches? I wouldn't argue that there are a lot of fake matches here. However, there are not many search criteria for the really correct selection of girls.
Is Tinder good for one night stands? Most people are looking for a sex partner on Tinder. That is why it is a good option for one night stands.
Where is Happn most popular? The main audience of the dating service is registered in the USA and Europe.
How do you know who liked you on Happn? The application has a special section with notifications for this.
What does a crush mean on Happn? Crush is a special term that means mutual sympathy. To do this, you need you to rate someone's profile, and the girl does the same.