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Hinge vs Tinder - Apps comparison [2012 Update]

I often use dating services to find interesting girls and can already call myself an expert. When looking for a best affair sites or services, I pay attention to the functionality, comfort of use, and hookup resources' general goals. Today I would like to start the Hinge vs Tinder battle and talk about both applications. They have opposed goals, which will be very interesting for you. Let's check it out.

Hinge vs Tinder: Quick information

Both dating services were created to find interesting people nearby in 2012. Tinder is marketed as a hookup app for finding people for sex and fleeting flirting. The main audience of the service creates accounts for communication, self-expression, and social activity. A serious relationship is unlikely here.

Screensot with creating a profile in Hinge

Hinge is very different from Tinder. The creators of the dating service initially focused on long-term relationships and the creation of the perfect match. Here people are looking for those who match their views and preferences based on pre-specified data. That is why I decided to do a Tinder vs Hinge comparison.

Hinge vs Tinder: Sign-Up Process

To create a profile in Tinder, you need a Google or Facebook account. Any user can synchronize data, add some information about themselves and photos. I added some photos from Facebook and took two selfies to have relevant photos for comparison. Tinder is convenient because everything here is based on visual perception. Filling out the profile takes a minimum of time.

Screensot with creating a profile in Tinder

Hinge works a little differently. Here you will use your Facebook account or phone number to create a profile. Once you choose the registration method, you will need to fill out your profile. I advise you to pre-open the Hinge vs Tinder Reddit section to explore this issue in more detail.

Beginners need to be educated about their hobbies, sexual preferences, religion, and other aspects of life. All this information will be used to find the best matches. Users need to add 6 photos to unlock free features fully.

Hinge vs Tinder: Costs

Both services allow you to send likes and communicate with other users with mutual sympathy. But I started the Hinge app vs Tinder comparison and want to talk about the cost of paid services. Let's start with Tinder. All free features are limited, but you can pay for a Gold or Plus subscription. The first option costs $24.99, $15.00, or $10.00 per month if you subscribe for 1, 6, or 12 months. Tinder Plus costs $14.99, $10 and $6.67 per month.

Hinge also has a selection of free and paid services. You can subscribe for 1, 3, or 6 months. Premium features set you back $9.99 when paid for a 30-day period. A three-month subscription costs $19.99. If you are willing to stay with Hinge for six months, you have to pay $29.99.

Hinge vs Tinder: Trial accounts

Let's continue the dating services battle. Hinge vs Tinder for men: which is better? To do this, I will tell you about the free options. The Hinge lets you like up to ten accounts. Moreover, you can rate specific photos in the profile of another user. 

Rating photos in the profile of another user in Tinder

Every man or woman can communicate in a text chat if their sympathy is mutual. Also, users can communicate via a telephone conversation or video chat. To do this, you must activate the corresponding option in the settings. Each user has the option of commenting on photos or stories.

Tinder also allows you to view user photos and select those that interest you. If the sympathy is mutual, then you can communicate in text or video chat. All users are shown in a random sequence. You can rate their photo or go to a new candidate. Free daily likes are limited, but they are enough to express sympathy for the most interesting girls. Hinge vs Tinder for men: which is better? I cannot give a 100% answer.

Hinge vs Tinder: Features and Functionality

In the Hinge app, all matches are formed according to the roulette principle and appear randomly. If you want to like a girl, you have to select a specific part of the profile. Also, each user can leave comments or write private messages with mutual sympathy. 

Screensot with account in Happn

If you liked the lady's photo, you can post her profile and read more detailed information. Consider this one of the Hinge app tips. If you want to communicate in audio or video format, then you should activate this option in the settings.

Tinder is also based on viewing photos and sending likes. You should use swipes to rate photos and flip through participant profiles. It uses regular and super likes. If the girl responds to you with mutual sympathy, then you can also chat in a chat or during a video conference. Tinder profiles have noticeably less information. Typically, you can find the name of the person, their place of work, and the distance to you.

Hinge vs Tinder: Interface and design

Hinge's sleek, sleek black and white design reminds me of the New York Times website. When you see a member's profile in an automatic selection, you can scroll up or down to view a photo and a detailed description. It resembles a social network, where a comment by the author accompanies each photo.

Questionnaire in Happn

Tinder has a light theme and focuses primarily on photo viewing. Users use swipes to navigate. I find the interface of this dating app a bit brighter and more colorful. However, Hinge's design is much more sophisticated and more beginner-friendly. The abundance of swipes and clicks in Tinder can be confusing for an unprepared user.

Hinge vs Tinder: Demographics

Most of the Hinge audiences are Americans from 24 to 32 years old. I like that the ratio of men and women in this dating service is approximately equal. In total, more than 5 million people are registered in the application. It is not as much as in Tinder, but the activity of all participants is high. I love the fact that I can find any girl here according to my criteria. Even If I looking for plus size dating.

If you are looking for the maximum number of participants, then Tinder is the leader in this indicator. For example, there are over 28 million registered users in the United States. The average audience age is 18-30 years old. There are also older users, but there are significantly fewer of them. 

More than 63% of the audience are men. Therefore, the competition here is slightly higher than in Hinge. And I like that. Do you know why Hinge is better than Tinder? It's because you don't have to try to impress a girl with your originality here.

Hinge vs Tinder: Effectiveness

I believe both apps are effective for finding girls. Of course, each option has its own goals and specifics of dating. Hinge is designed to build long-term relationships. Tinder is a hookup platform for casual sex and flirting. The love of your life can also be found here, but this is not why most users register.

I got approximately the same amount of mutual sympathy and feedback in both applications. Maybe I'm really hot, or maybe I'm just lucky. Anyway, I can recommend both options for single people. You should rely on the goals that you are pursuing.

Hinge vs Tinder: Guarantees

Both dating services deliver on their promises. I was able to register and find people in my city for dating quickly. Also, both applications work properly. All spam accounts are actively blocked by Tinder and Hinge, which is important to me. I have no complaints about the services.

Hinge vs Tinder: Which works better?

Let's summarize everything I've told you. Hinge is best for people looking for a serious relationship. Tinder is good for flirting and one night stand. That's all you need to know about these two dating services. Other options are also possible, but I find the gradation I set to be the most relevant.


How is Hinge different than Tinder? Hinge is an app that aims to find people with a common interest in long term relationships and to flirt. Tinder is more of a hookup platform for flirt or one nightstand.
How does Hinge decide who to show you? The dating service generates a random selection of profiles based on your preferences and geographic location.
What age group is Hinge for? The main age group is men and women from 24 to 32.
Do 40 year olds use Tinder? Yes. There are a lot of such accounts.
What is average age on Tinder? Tinder's main audience is teenagers over 18 years old. The average age on the platform ranges from 20 to 30.