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ArabLounge is a classical dating website which promises you unforgettable communication with people mostly of Arab origin. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But is it true? Can this site give you everything you need?

A lot of arablounge reviews that I could find on the web state that this dating site is a scam. I don’t want to jump to conclusions until I test this site by myself. However, I didn’t manage to find the arablounge app, and that is already strange.

Almost every dating website that I came across before had an app because it is much easier and more convenient for members to use a mobile application instead of a mobile version of a site.

Why doesn’t ArabLounge have any? Well, maybe, those negative reviews are not groundless? Time to find out the truth.

What is ArabLounge?

Arablounge is a dating site which is supposed to help you with the search of people of Arabic origin. Nevertheless, there are a lot of arablounge uk profiles, and not even half of all female members are Arabs.

So, we have a quite ordinary dating website with members from all over the world, but maybe, with a few extra Arab profiles.

Is ArabLounge worth it?

Is it worth the money that the service charges you? Honestly, I’d think twice before paying for a dating service like this, but it is up to you to decide whether it is a good idea to spend your money on this site.


  • average prices
  • simple registration
  • not annoying questionnaire that you need to pass after registration


  • no arablounge apk
  • constant errors until you buy a membership
  • too few members online and on the site in general

Sign-up Process

The first step you need to make to get access to arab dating site is to complete registration. The form is a bit longer than usual, and there are a few extra fields that are obligatory for filling in.

sign up

Nevertheless, it still doesn’t take too much time to provide all the required information such as country, date of birth, email address, username, and password. Besides, there is an option to choose the same gender of a person you are looking for.

registration process

Not all dating websites have such an opportunity. After you provide all the necessary information, you will see a huge pop-up that offers you to tell more about yourself so that other members could know you better.

You cannot skip this step, and I usually hate when it happens because first of all, I want to see how the site looks, and if I like it, then I will continue completing my profile. What’s the point in wasting time on filling a profile if I am not going to use it?

However, since there were only 10 questions and they were all provided in a very funny and simple way, it didn’t bother me at all. So, after a few more minutes, ArabLounge opened its gates for me.

ArabLounge Website Usability

How does the site look inside? - Well, it is quite modest. At first, it even seemed abandoned to me. I clicked the Online Now button to see how many users were there online at the moment and got only about 10 people.

I decided that maybe it was like that because I set some very specific filters and thus, I got so few people. But no, there were no filters, and that was the complete list of members online. Okay, let’s return to the site itself and see what it can offer you. As I have said, the site is very simple and has just a few options.

website usability

In general, there is a search option with all the possible settings like an option to see members online or to check the new users and, of course, to specify your search by providing some specific requirements like age or distance.

And, besides the search, the only and last way of entertainment that you can find on ArabLounge is the Slideshow. The site shows random photos of members, and you can like them or skip them.

All those people whose photos you liked are available on the Activity page.

page activity

In case you’ve had enough with this site and are searching for the arablounge delete account button, open the Account Settings, and at the very bottom, there will be a deactivation button.

After clicking it, you need to confirm your decision, and then your account will be deactivated. In case you want to contact the site’s administration, visit the Contact Us page. You may call the company using one of the available phone numbers or send your concern to the email address, and the Arablounge customer service will provide you with an answer within a day.

contact us

User Account

The user’s profile is very ordinary. There is a profile image, a couple more photos, but usually, there is still only one or none at all and a few sections from which you can know a person better.

Appearance - a brief overview of how a lady looks like, her height, eye color, race, and so on. My Lifestyle - good and bad habits as well as education and some hobbies. Personality - some psychological things like tolerance, sociability, romance, and even a zodiac sign.

Lifestyle - how a person prefers to spend her leisure time. Insights - a questionnaire where you learn about her religion or what turns her on. Looking For - a perfect match.

perfect match

Credits and Payment Methods

The worst side of ArabLounge is that you should get a Platinum membership to start using the site in full measure. I mean not just chatting, I am used to the fact that this option always costs money.

After spending about half an hour on the site, I couldn’t look through the profiles of other people. Every time I click a member’s profile, I got a notification that for today there were no matches for me.

I clicked many times and on different members, but every time got the same message that pushed me to pay for the service. It seems that my arablounge free trial comes to its end. So, I had no other choice but to visit the Payment page.

I found only one membership package for 30 bucks per month, an average price for using a dating website. If you buy it, you can finally start messaging others, get the more advanced search filters, and remove the annoying ads.

payment methods

Under the price table, I noticed a barely visible Arablounge promo code field.

I didn’t find any mentions of it on the site, so I checked for it on the web. A couple of websites promised to provide me with an arablounge coupon, but when I requested it, they said that it was not available anymore.

Is ArabLounge Safe?

ArabLounge guarantees the same level of safety as many other dating websites. You will feel safe here as long as you follow the dating safety tips. I read them but didn’t find any fresh information.

As always, ArabLounge recommends its users not to share private information with people that you have just met on their site, not to disclose information about your financial well-being, and not to tolerate abusers.

For its part, Arablonge guarantees not to share any personal information that you provide to the company with the third parties. It also assures that all payment transactions are totally safe.

Concluding Thoughts

Even though ArabLounge didn’t seem bad for me, I was not satisfied with the experience that I got there. Every time I spent more than half an hour on the site, I lost an option to see other members’ profiles.

the profile is unavailable

I received this notification. First, I thought there were some problems with my profile or the members’ profiles, but then I realized that it was not a coincidence. I even created two more accounts using a different email address, but every time the situation repeated. I don’t think it is a bug.

It is an obvious and very cheap trick to make you buy a membership. This site gave me nothing for free, and I didn’t have even enough time to explore it, so why should I pay for a subscription? That was the final thing which tipped the balance and changed my mind about the reliability and quality of this dating platform.

So, what do we get in the end? A dating site that has a dozen people online and looks very ordinary, with no opportunity to test its chat for free, an average cost of membership, and a necessity to upgrade your account after you spend about 30 minutes on it.

Does it sound good? As for me, it is not worth the money, and ArabLounge should do its best because comparing to other dating websites, it does not even occupy a position in the top 20 good dating websites.


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