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eHarmony vs Match in 2021 - Which Works Better? [Comparison Review]

There are quite a few dating websites that offer several services to clients. I have a lot of experience using such Internet resources as I am often looking for sex partners. But how to choose the right dating site, and are there any pitfalls? Let's take a look at this review. I will compare two online dating services and show you all the advantages and disadvantages of both options. So, let's start the eHarmony vs Match comparison.

Quick information

Both of these websites are suitable for finding girls for one night or serious relationships. It is worth noting that these are quite popular options known far beyond the United States' borders. 

It is worth noting that both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but they allow you to register and start communicating with those you like really fast. Let's take a closer look at all the nuances of using these dating platforms. It's the main aspect of the vs eHarmony comparison. vs eHarmony Sign-Up Process

Both websites use email for verification. You have to choose your gender and sexual preference. I find the registration process more convenient at The fact is that here you have to answer a few basic questions to fill in the basic parameters of the profile. Also, you can immediately see those people who fit your requirements and expectations. That’s my opinion about the Match vs eHarmony comparison.

Match main page

eHarmony offers a whole 5-minute poll, which is boring enough. If I want to write more information about myself in the profile, then I will do it personally. 

eHarmony main page

I think that you hardly want to spend 5-10 minutes reading various questions and taking psychological tests. You have to click on pictures that cause you certain associations. I think this is inappropriate for a site of this format.


Here I would give the advantage because you can choose between three, 6, or 12 months. The base price starts at $17.99. eHarmony has three pricing plans for six months ($22.95), 12 months, and 24 months. I don't quite understand why it is necessary to set such large time limits to speak honestly. 

eHarmony pricing

If I want to find a partner for sex, then a few weeks is enough for me. And if I want to find myself a wife, I will spend a little more time choosing a profile site. This is why looks more logical in my eyes. It's cheaper and easier.

You should understand that both sites motivate users to get long-term subscriptions. It will cost less, but not all people want to sit on a website for years looking for partners. Personally, I think that one month is enough to find at least several sex partners. Maybe it takes months or even half a year for a long-term relationship, but I don't go that far. Nevertheless, you should test it personally, since such a parameter is purely subjective and I cannot give an unambiguous answer to this.

Trial Accounts

If we consider the possibilities of test accounts, then eHarmony looks more attractive than The main reason lies in the fact that you can use eHarmony to register an account and fill out the profile with information, and send five basic messages. You can also browse search categories and add people to favorites. has some of this functionality but doesn't let you send messages for free. I understand that such text fragments are generated standardly, and they are not very efficient. But still, this is some kind of advantage.

Features and Functionality

There is no clear winner here. I believe that both of these sites have enough features to balance. So, the versus eHarmony is an actual comparison. The fact is that here you can chat with people, share photos, or use the advanced search to find someone you are interested in. So to say, both sites have a set of advanced search algorithms and sufficiently detailed profiles to fill in all the information that might interest your potential partner. The eHarmony is better if you need dating tips.

eHarmony dating tips

Interface and design

I like the eHarmony interface the most because it is a more modern and convenient option. Also, I like how all the interactive elements and the personal profile is arranged. Thanks to this, I managed to create a quick account of photos, personal data, and all the preferences that I want to see in my partner. has a less user-friendly interface due to several deprecated elements. I didn't like the quality of the profiles, so I decided to concentrate on Eharmony.

Nevertheless, I recommend that you register on these two dating platforms and see for yourself how they are acceptable for you. The fact is that both sites differ in structure and format of use. There are no clear recommendations that will suit all people. Maybe you need minimalism or vice versa, the ability to choose many settings. vs eHarmony Demographics

Both websites have a lot of interesting demographic features. Absolutely anyone can register here, regardless of country. That is why I believe there is no clear winner. Both sites are open for registration, and you can be in any country to create an account. If you verify your data, you will be able to communicate with people from absolutely any country and continent.

screenshot with audience analysis on eHarmony

I also saw equal opportunities for both young users and people over 50. There is no clear distribution here since almost anyone can register and look for a partner. I liked the opportunity to choose those people who suit you by age and nationality, religion, or other aspects. In this regard, both sites have parity and are quite convenient in terms of audience analysis.


I don't want to sound subjective, but the effectiveness of eHarmony seemed to be a higher point. I was able to send the first five test messages to those people who I liked. I also liked the ability to select users who were interesting to me and rated their photos. That is why I believe that this is a much more effective option for finding future partners. The second option is also not bad, but it is less interesting and effective in terms of search algorithms.

Even though I said you need to test both websites personally. The fact is that efficiency is a subjective moment because some people need less functionality or, on the contrary, more options in order to look for partners. If you need a sex partner, you will find her on both sites. With a long-term relationship the situation is the same.


Both websites claim to work legally and have all the necessary information to confirm this point. Each user can verify his account using an email and protect it with a password. Thanks to the paid communication system, you can exclude a large number of bots. 

That is why I recommend considering both sites since each of them has its own nuances. So to say, you do not have to worry about the fact that your bank card data will be stolen. Both sites use a standard script to pay for services from Visa, MasterCard, and other payment systems. vs eHarmony - Which Works Better?

So, does eHarmony or Match worth using? If you want to register your account quickly, then you should choose Here you will get basic functionality and the opportunity to spend less time on preliminary profile settings. If you want to find partners for a long-term relationship, then you should choose Eharmony.

Besides the fact that you will pass long tests and tell more about yourself, you can find a partner who has the same outlook on life. If I were looking for a wife or long-term lover, then I would choose this particular site. However, I recommend that you test both options to understand the approximate possibilities.

Overall, both websites made a positive impression on me. I will not say that I am impressed with the functionality and capabilities. But these are relatively safe and real sites where you can find partners. If you are willing to spend a certain amount of time and money, then either of these two websites will allow you to achieve your desired goal.


What is the success rate of Match com? exists in 40 countries and has success stories of over 100,000 marriages. Every 25 minutes, someone finds a partner here.
What is the success rate of eHarmony? According to the website, every 14 minutes, someone finds a partner. Over 2 million users have already found their love thanks to this website.
Does Match send fake likes? I have not found direct confirmation of this statement. All the likes were sent to me after I added a photo and a full profile description.
Is eHarmony good for 50-year-olds? Why not? This website has a large audience, and there are even 60+ accounts.
Does eHarmony have fake profiles? Probably yes. I have not seen many implausible profiles, but I will not deny this possibility.