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OkCupid VS Tinder in 2021 - Key Differences and Comparison

When it comes to finding dating sites, the OkCupid vs Tinder battle is especially relevant. The fact is that these are the two largest dating sites that are popular all over the world and in the United States. In both cases, you can find interesting people and expect a large audience from the US. But who is the winner? Let's figure it out. I will guide you through all the steps and talk about the advantages and disadvantages. And I swear of being honest and incorruptible.

OkCupid vs Tinder: Quick information

OkCupid is a fairly old hookup website that was created in 2004. At the moment, it is one of the largest sites for dating with a multi-million audience. Tinder was created in 2012 but has also become very popular among Americans and people from other countries. 

OkCupid main page

At the moment, both of these sites are well known, and you don't need to search very long to confirm this statement. Each of these apps for smartphones offers you a lot of activities. Let's go to other Tinder vs OkCupid aspects.

Tinder main page

OkCupid vs Tinder: Sign-Up Process

The OkCupid registration process is fairly simple, as you can use your Facebook profile for verification. Also, you can, after all, answer questions so that other users can quickly find you in the general database. Alternatively, you can use an e-mail address while registering.

The OkCupid registration process

The process of forming information consists of several points. It is worth telling about your habits, hobbies, sexual preferences, and other nuances. In the case of Tinder, things are a little simpler. You can also use your Facebook account to register.

The Tinder registration process

You should provide your mobile phone number for verification. To sign-up at this hookup site, you need to write a little about yourself and upload photos. In this regard, these sites have parity. Let's check other OkCupid vs Tinder hookups features.

OkCupid vs Tinder: Costs

If you want to use paid features at OkCupid, then you have to pay at least 7.95 USD per month. This is a basic subscription model that is available to all users. There are also some advanced options to help you get more matches. This is a premium A-List subscription that costs 24.90 USD per month.

In the case of Tinder, you have to pay $9.99 for a basic subscription. It is worth noting that there are Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold options. They differ in several parameters and search features. Such a subscription costs 29.99 USD dollars per month. If you choose a subscription for 3, 6 months, or even one year, it will come out a little cheaper. Generally, all sites have approximately the same price structure. OkCupid vs Tinder Reddit reviews are the same, as people love the variety of price offerings.

The main plus is that you are not forced to buy a paid subscription. Basic options are enough to start chatting on the Internet or look for interesting people. If you find someone special and wants more of the two features, you can always get a paid subscription and chat without any restrictions. This is a big plus since most hookup platforms don't have this flexibility.

OkCupid vs Tinder: Trial accounts

If spending money on chatting with girls is not included in your plans, then you can use OkCupid free services. First of all, registering an account and adding a photo does not require a paid subscription. 

You can send messages to other users or search for matches. In addition to a convenient search bar with criteria, you can watch those accounts that you like - the detailed profile view is available to all users. You also have the opportunity to participate in Double Take options, which allows you to get more matches for communicating with girls. All other options on the site require a paid subscription.

Double Take options on OkCupid

Tinder users have fewer free registration options and the ability to download the application. You can search for girls nearby, rate their profiles, and add to favorites. The main advantage is the ability to find people nearby and give super likes. This is a kind of special attention when you like someone, and you want to express your attraction. Now let's talk about messaging girls on Tinder vs OkCupid.

OkCupid vs Tinder: Features and Functionality

Communication with girls on both sites is quite comfortable. The fact is that there are approximately equal functionality and useful features. Each user can view other profiles and look for interesting matches. If you liked any account, you can add it to favorites or even write a comment. 

Screenshot with search on Tinder

The fact is that both sites involve communication and the exchange of photos. The main plus of OkCupid is that you can do more free features. But both hookup sites allow you to start video communication and exchange information to meet in real life.

OkCupid vs Tinder: Interface and Design

OkCupid is similar to classic dating sites where you have a lot of information and a standard user profile available. Tinder is an alternative option that is aimed exclusively at mobile users. That is why the main focus here is on user photography. Descriptions and details are of secondary importance. Here the main focus is on the visual appeal of a profile. Nevertheless, both the application and the website are quite user-friendly in terms of interface. I had no problem using the various functions and setting parameters.

OkCupid vs Tinder: Demographics

According to official OkCupid statistics, the total number of users exceeds 50 million worldwide. With about 10 million users registered in the United States. Tinder has a smaller total audience, but more than 28 million are registered in the US. This is a more interesting option. 

Suppose you live in America and want to meet someone special. In both cases, the activity of men and women is approximately the same, although both websites have an unequal ratio of men and women. Usually, about 60% of all registered users are men. Nevertheless, a huge number of users guarantees you the opportunity to meet someone. Such OkCupid vs Tinder number of users is enough to chat with girls.

OkCupid vs Tinder: Effectiveness

Any dating site review would be incomplete without these statistics. I evaluate performance based on the subjective experience and activity of the users. OkCupid guarantees you over a million daily user logins. In the case of Tinder, you can count on over 8 million people worldwide to open this app every week.

I don't have detailed statistics for the US, but I guarantee you that both options are great for those looking to find someone online. It only took me a few days to meet beautiful girls and make an appointment. Of course, it all depends on your experience and attraction, but this is quite real.

Besides, I believe that almost every man or woman can find someone here to communicate, have sex, or even build a long-term relationship. Such Tinder vs OkCupid active users are enough to make the right decision.

OkCupid vs Tinder: Guarantees

Both websites are good for finding girls. I liked that both companies guarantee you a refund if any functions are unavailable for some reason. A reliable level of encryption is supported here, so your data is guaranteed not to fall into the hands of third parties. I love the way it works and responsive customer support. In general, this is a good solution for those who are looking for a girl for a long relationship or quick sex.

OkCupid vs Tinder: Which works better?

Every dating site has its pros and cons. Choosing OkCupid is a good option to flirt online or find a partner for a long-term relationship. Tinder is a simpler web search for quick sex. I don't think it's easy to find a partner for life here, but the chances are high. 

In general, both websites are a good solution for those looking for someone special on the internet. I believe that both Tinder and OkCupid are good for finding girls. I managed to meet interesting people on both sites, and I am very glad that I used it in my daily life.


Who owned Tinder? The owner is Match Group, Inc.
Is Tinder for dating or hooking up? It's mostly for hookups, but it's also good for dating
Is hooking up on Tinder safe? If you make a date in a public place, it will be safe.
Is OkCupid just for hookups? Yes, it is. You can find someone for hookups here.
Should I use my real name on OkCupid? You can use your nickname for personal safety.
Does OkCupid send fake likes? No, it doesn't.
Does OkCupid work without paying? Yes, there's a lot of free features to find a girl here.