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JapanCupid Review

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japancupid review

Japancupid is a dating website designed in a very classy style. You will not find flashy banners or annoying pop-ups here, but as for me, it is even for the better. Nothing distracts you from what you have actually come to this site for - finding friends or lovers and chatting with them.

Even though there is only one communication channel, the chat, I do not consider it as a huge disadvantage. Yes, there are services which allow members to talk using a webcam, but if you have come to the point that you require visual communication, maybe it is time to meet in real life?

By the way, on the site, you can find some very useful tips for those who decide to meet the match offline. I recommend you to read them because there are some decent pieces of advice.

What is Japancupid?

I think there is no need to say that JapanCupid is a dating platform like AsiaCharm or Asiame where you can find a special one of oriental origin, or to be more specific, from Japan. Even though it is a Japanese dating site, you can find people from different countries here too, although the prevailing majority of users are ladies from Japan.

So, if you are looking for a pretty girl from the land of the rising sun, JapanCupid is what you need. On this dating website, you can find people who are into friendship, just communication, dating, and even marriage. So, whatever purpose you have, you can satisfy it with this dating platform.

Is Japancupid worth it?

One of the most rhetorical questions is whether this site is good enough. There are different opinions that you can find on the web, but I prefer to make conclusions based on my personal experience that I had with JapanCupid. So, here is a shortlist of things that I like and don’t like about this dating website.


  • fast and simple registration
  • JapanCupid app is available as well as an iOS version
  • no hidden fees


  • some members have only one japancupid.com photo in their profile
  • ads will disappear only if you buy Gold or Platinum membership
  • no free messages, need to purchase a membership to start communication

Sign-up Process

The first step as always is to create an account. Click the View Singles button on the home page, and you’ll see the registration form. There are only 5 fields that you need to fill in - Your Name, Gender, Age, Email, and Password.

Or you can make it even faster just in one click if you have a profile on Facebook. Click the Join with Facebook button, and you will complete the registration in seconds.

sign up process

If you want to leave the site and are looking for a Japancupid delete account button, you need first to go to your profile settings.

delete account

There, at the bottom, you will see the Switch Off profile option. Click the link to switch off the membership. Enter your password and indicate the reason why you want to leave the site.

Japancupid Website Usability

Is Japancupid easy to navigate? - Yes, this site is rather comprehensive and user-friendly. Even though it doesn’t have very original design, and probably you have seen similar web decisions on some other dating websites before, I see it as an advantage rather than a drawback.

After you complete the Japancupid free registration, you will see the home page, which looks like a table of members’ profiles. The list of people that you can see there was shaped based on the answers and preferences that you mentioned filling in your profile.

If there is somebody on this list you like, you can click the chat icon under the profile photo and start a conversation with this person immediately. You can click the profile photo, and then you will be redirected to the member’s profile page.

There, you can learn about this person by reading some basic information from education or marital status to such details as body art presence or favorite hobbies or food.

website usability

If you cannot find on this list anybody you like, click the Search button and you’ll see the advanced search options.

They will even allow finding a person who has a certain hair length or specific cultural values such as their religion or Chinese sign. As for me, it is a great opportunity for those people who are seeking somebody very and very special. There are also a few other options that should improve communication and finding the new match on this site.

One of them is the Activity tab, where you can see who among the members have viewed your profile or added you to Favourite. Besides, you can check the list of favorite members that you have made yourself.

girls profiles

User Account

Now, we have come to the most interesting part of this Japancupid review - a member’s profile. Since the advanced search allows you to specify a lot of details, they all have found a place in the member’s profile.

That’s why, at first glance, the user account may seem a bit messy, too much information. But, personally, I divide it into two logical section - general background and more detailed overview of a member.

So, what can the first section tell us about a user? - Well, actually, almost everything you need to know to understand whether it is a right match for you - a photo, a name, age, location, education, children, bad habits, and a brief explanation of a perfect match for her.

user account

If this information is not enough for you or you want to know a user better, scroll down and you will see a huge table which includes around 40 items. This table allows you not only to learn some very delicate information about a member but also to find more details about a person she is looking for.

japan cupid ladies

To start a conversation with a user, click the message icon in the top right corner of the user’s profile. There is only one channel of communication on this site, but since it is a live chat, you should not wait for replies for long. Once a member sees your message and provides you with a reply, a conversation begins.

Credits and Payment Methods

To get access to the full experience with Japancupid, you need to choose either Gold or Platinum membership because the Standard one that you receive automatically after a registration gives you very limited opportunities.


The price range between Gold and Platinum memberships is not significant, only a few dollars. So, think twice before giving preference to the Gold membership because the Platinum one may be more beneficial for you, and a few dollars will not be a high price for this. Both memberships have three packages and four payment methods.

Platinum Membership:

  • 1 month - $34.99
  • 3 months - $69.98
  • 12 months - $149.99

Gold Membership:

  • 1 month - $29.98
  • 3 months - $59.99
  • 12 months - $119.98

You can use one of the four payment methods to upgrade your account.

payment methods

These were the stories told by people who used this site before, and according to their experience, Japancupid was not a scam. I checked some other review platforms and found more proof that this dating site is reliable and trustworthy.

Sure, there were some complaints, but they referred more to some specific cases and had nothing in common with money loss or fraudsters. On JapanCupid, I came across a page dedicated to Helpful Hints for Online Dating.

There, you can learn about the precaution measures you need to obey in order to avoid fraudsters and the tips you should follow to get a safe dating experience. Even though the site did the best to create a safe dating environment, users should also not forget about basic safety measures.

So, you can be safe on Japancupid as long as you act in a safe manner. Japancupid guarantees your anonymity, and you decide when it is time to leave the shadow and show who you are.

If you are not ready yet, take your time and communicate with another member until you know him or her better. Your contact information is not available to others unless you make it visible.

Do not tolerate questions about money or your financial status. If you face such situations, inform the site’s administration. In this way, you protect yourself and other members from fraudsters and their malicious intentions.

Do not hurry and spend more time online. Before you decide to meet your match in real life, you should know each other better online. Your special one will always respect your desire not to rush things.

So, my thoughts about Japancupid’s safety is that you can use this site with no worries, but you need to follow the basic precautions measures, as well as anywhere else on the web. In other words, Japancupid is a safe place for dating if you don’t share your personal information with every member on this site.

Concluding Thoughts

So, what can I say about JapanCupid after examining it up and down? This site is very simple, and that’s what I like the most about it. It is not overwhelmed with unnecessary services or various channels of communication, which are actually the same.

It gives you everything you need and does not distract you from chatting. You visit this site to find some Japanese ladies, so here they are. Set the advanced search and find a woman who even has the specific hair color that you like. Buy a membership and get unlimited opportunities to chat with her.

No need to worry about the words limit in your message or the number of messages available per package. Just pay the fixed price and enjoy communication. That’s why I consider JapanCupid an excellent choice of a dating platform - a reasonable price, no message limit, simple navigation, and comprehensive design.


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