UberHorny Review

UberHorny Review

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UberHorny review

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What is UberHorny?

Let’s put it this way, when you’re in a hurry and need to get somewhere, you are likely to call an Uber. When you’re horny and need to hook up with someone, you go to UberHorny.com. I’m not sure they aimed for such an analogy, but it’s the one I’ve got after examining the site.

Maybe it uses “uber” in the older meaning of being extremely horny to such a degree, that no regular dating site can satisfy you. And that’s when this website enters the stage, offering quite a variety of dating options, from more humble women with some extravagant desires to real sex machines who don’t mind greeting you with very lewd profile pictures and nicknames.

So, if you might have thought this was all just a joke and wondering, “Is UberHorny real, seriously?” then you should now that it’s as real as it gets. I would say that it could benefit from some design and interface improvements to make everything look less crowded.

Nevertheless, it’s still a great choice for hooking up with people who openly share the same sexual fantasies and desires as you do. And do you want to multiply preferences, search filters, and customization tools, the answer to “What is UberHorny?” may not be the same for everyone.

Is UberHorny Worth it?

As I’ve already mentioned, I don’t view this site as a perfect dating platform, it could use some renovation. Nevertheless, there are just many benefits that are difficult to argue with. Besides, with the reasonable pricing policy, I do believe it’s worth it.

Still, take a look at its strong sides and weak points and decide whether you would go there when being uber horny.


  • Free use of the site (limited in features but not in time)
  • A large number of user profiles
  • Detailed search by sexual desires preferences
  • Cheap trial period


  • Cluttered interface
  • No free messaging

Sign-up Process

Is UberHorny a scam? Determined to find that out, I proceeded with the sign-up. It was available right on the welcome screen, and in a few clicks, I was able to get in and see what a regular visitor user sees.

Initially, you are asked only the most essential information necessary for account creation like nickname, email, password, age, zip code or area of residence.

At the same time, you may answer some questions regarding what you’re looking for in your date so that UberHorny com will welcome you with a customized display of people you might have a shot with.

And if after some time you feel like the place is right for you, you can go on and provide even more details for more fruitful and precise search and matching results.

UberHorny design

UberHorny Website Usability

For one thing, the site really does not have the best interface. I understand that the intention was to present visitors with as many options of discovering like-minded people they find attractive as possible. Nevertheless, I do agree with many UberHorny reviews that they didn’t succeed in that.

The site would have benefited immensely if all those panels could be moved around, hidden, or rearranged. That’s the main issue I have with it. Other than that, it does look outdated, but everything functions well, and that’s what matters more to me. As long as it’s not impossible to look at, I can get behind not the best aesthetics.

Women's profiles

I feel like it’s important to mention in my UberHorny review that there are some tools helping you to change the appearance of the site in accordance with your preferences. The first time you visit it, you’ll be met with some pretty explicit stuff.

And while juicy pussy is what I come for to these dating websites most of the time, I don’t always enjoy seeing such shots on every other profile picture. And fortunately, people behind the site understand that there are users who feel just like me.

Profile settings

Or maybe they’ve read some UberHorny com reviews that stated they prefer to see the person’s face first and eventually get to exchanging intimate pictures. It’s an important part of dating for some people, even when they come to websites clearly created for people to openly discuss sexual stuff without any delays.

User Account

Let’s get back to your account and see what’s at your disposal to manifest yourself and attract ladies. After completing a brief registration process, UberHorny will offer you to answer 13 questions by ticking some boxes and telling a bit more about yourself and your goals on the site.

These will cover your area of professional expertise, appearance, marital status, things you are open to, readiness to travel, etc. Once that is done, you can proceed by adding some photos or videos to your account, as well as using status updates.

There are not enough things to present yourself, in my mind, and I am only mentioning this in my Uber Horny review because I have seen enough dating websites, and some of them managed to offer more ways to express yourself on your account page.

Credits and Payment Methods

It’s time to get to the prices. Once again, no payment is necessary to browse the site, create an account, and use some of the features. However, if you feel like you would like to examine the ladies’ accounts closer or even message them, you will need to upgrade your membership.

“Is UberHorny legit, though? Won’t I be wasting my money?” Well, if you don’t believe me, I’m sure you can spare a dollar, get a 2-day trial, and see whether it’s worth investing more. The other options are (prices may change due to special offers becoming inactive):

  • 7 days for $9.95
  • 1 month for $34.95
  • 6 months at $11.65 per month
  • 12 months at $6.67 per month

Most Uber Horny reviews would agree those are fantastic prices. Besides, there’s a one-time offer of free 3 extra months if you are unlucky to hook up in your first 3 months on the site.


Is UberHorny Safe?

I am, as always, concerned about the security and safety of my personal data when sharing it online. There are additional concerns when money is involved. And I understand it’s easy to suspect some UberHorny scam activity as that often happens to dating sites that just cannot monitor all the users and promptly eliminate fake ones.

Nevertheless, I have carefully studied the site’s policies, and they are definitely in favor of keeping things right. There are tips on how to deal with your online acquaintances to protect yourself in real life.

Besides, I have ordered the subscription and received everything I was promised. So, is UberHorny safe? I see no reason to doubt that.

Concluding Thoughts

I can only conclude my review by saying that if you are okay with a somewhat cluttered Home tab, you should definitely check this site out. Especially if you are looking for a place where people are not afraid to share their sexual preferences and intimate photos and videos.

The final argument in favor of adhering to this UberHorny.com review is that a 2-day trial period is only 99 cents, and you should hurry up and test it if you do not want to miss other subscription offers while they are still reduced.


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