7 Signs a Girl is Into You

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How to understand that a woman is into you? How to figure out that your colleague or a female friend with whom you meet a few times a month to see a new movie in the cinema or drink a coffee is not indifferent to you?

Quite often, men, only because of their straightforward nature, do not notice the signs which women intentionally or unintentionally send to the ones they like. Very few women demonstrate their real attitude to someone they want to be with in a direct manner. Only one in ten thousand, or maybe even in a hundred thousand females, can come to a man she likes and say - Hey, you are a really cool guy. I like you and many things about you. Don’t you want to go on a date with me? Some men truly believe that it is what a good sign from a woman should be like, and if they do not see such a direct invitation, then it is not a sign at all.

You will be surprised to find out that at least two or three women in your life want to know you much closer than you think. Why do you not notice it? Because that’s how women play this love game. Each and every woman, whatever she says, wants to be conquered by a man. They want a man to make the first step. They want a man to control a situation and make a decision. They want to feel that power that you have over them. They want to play the role of a weak victim because they need you to be strong. That’s why women very and very rarely tell about what they feel openly. The vast majority prefer sending signals which can be interpreted like - I like you, and I am waiting until you finally understand it and invite me somewhere.

If you do not react to these signals for a long time, a woman may decide that you don’t like her and will lose interest in you. So, how do you recognize these signs she’s into you? And how can you not misunderstand just a friendly talk for a flirt?

I want to share 7 reliable signs which indicate that a woman is attracted to you.

1. She laughs with you

Is she interested in you? She can try to hide it and even do it pretty well, but her body will betray her. There is a very simple but effective psychological method to find out which people like you. When somebody tells a joke, and people start laughing, every person without even understanding it looks at the one he or she likes. Why? You can call it a desire to check out whether the one who is not indifferent to you also has fun at this moment. If you like a person, you care about him/her and want to be sure that he/she is ok right now. A simple test, but it works.

2. She needs to chat with you

If you send her a message and after that, you can chat with her for hours, it is not yet one of those good signs she is secretly attracted to you. She can indeed like chatting with you, but is it important for her to hear from you often? Girls should never write first is what they are often taught, but they will if they really like you. Don’t write to her for a couple of days or even up to a week. For the one who really enjoys your company, it will be enough time to miss a good chat with you. And despite all stereotypes, she will send a message to you first, even if she has never done so before. It can be a very formal or neutral message, but that’s a true sign that you do matter to her.

3. She wants to share things with you

Sharing is caring. Does she often talk with you about some personal things which she doesn’t disclose to others? Here, you should be very careful, and not confuse a girl’s desire to find a shoulder to cry on with the secrets she shares with you because she trusts you. In this way, she wants to become closer with you, to let you know what she feels and what her mood is. She wants you to care about her.

4. She can’t take her eyes off you

It is not a big deal if she has eye contact with you during a conversation. That’s how people talk. But what matters is the time, how long this eye contact lasts. In a common conversation, eye contact is usually short, but when we are talking about a girl who likes you, things are different. When she is talking to you, she tries to analyze your reaction to everything she says. She looks very attentively into your eyes, trying to understand whether you like what she says or if maybe you are not interested at all or even bored with her talks. Eyes do not lie. However, in this way, she is revealing herself because people do not usually keep such long-lasting eye contact unless talking to a cop. So, if she constantly keeps eye contact with you, which lasts over 5 seconds, it is a proper sign that she is not indifferent to you.

5. Happy to see you

When you enter a room, she immediately changes her mood and starts smiling, even if there was nothing that could make her so happy a minute before. The reason is obvious, and it is you. She is always happy to see you, and that’s the reason why she starts smiling. No matter what, a girl who likes you is always shining and smiling when you are around her.

6. She always has time for you

A girl who is not into you can always find a reason why she is busy right now. A girl who likes you can find room for you in her schedule, no matter how many things she has to do. She will always look forward to being in your company for as long as possible. And thus, she will not miss a chance to spend an extra hour around you or alone with you.

7. She laughs even at your stupidest jokes

None of us is a great comedian, and we cannot always make funny jokes. However, the girl who likes you doesn’t care because she is blinded with your charisma and thus, even the stupidest joke from you seems funny to her. It is not about what you say, it is all about you and only you. She is into you, and her mind makes everything regarding you better than it actually is.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of signs of how to tell if a girl is checking you out, but most of them are kinda plain and, to be honest, are not signs at all. If a girl dresses up and uses makeup, it is not yet a reason she likes you. Maybe she just wants to look pretty, and you are not the cause of that desire. I also found such signs as touching her hair during a conversation with you. Is she attracted to me if she does it? Of course, no. It is just one of those habits, some people play with their hair, others blink too often. There is nothing to do with flirting signals.

These seven signs that I have introduced to you are all about human behavior and psychology. They really do work, and I have personally tested them with girls. I also want to advise you not to consider only one of the listed signs as a signal for actions. There should be at least 3-4 of them. However, I can assure you that if a girl is really into you, you will find all seven matches from this list. If you do, leave all your doubts and make a step forward. Be sure, this girl likes you!

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