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swinglifestyle review

Swinglifestyle is one of a few dating sites created for couples and singles who are in search of swinging experience. The site can offer a lot besides simple dating since there are a lot of sources for members there to have fun.

Swinglifestyle mobile app allows always being in touch with other members at any time and arrange meetings with other users. It has a very low price for membership, and that makes this dating platform even more attractive.

What is Swinglifestyle?

I think you have already understood who swinglifestyle.com is meant for. It is a dating site for couples who want to bring some new emotions and experience into their relationships.

Nevertheless, singles are also welcomed here, but probably only those who are looking for a couple; otherwise, it is better to find an ordinary dating website for singles.

So, all in all, if you are a couple or a single who is searching for an enthusiastic couple, swinglifestyle will satisfy your request.

Is Swinglifestyle worth it?

I was looking for some reviews online and also decided to check swing life style Reddit feedback, though the last one didn’t help me a lot. So, I decided to make all conclusions about the advantages and drawbacks of this site only from my own experience.


  • a low cost of membership
  • a lot of options besides dating
  • options to hide your account from the unwanted members


  • not all members’ photos are available for single males
  • the faces of some members on photos are shaded
  • membership is non-refundable

Sign-up Process

The registration process is a piece of cake. The minimum of obligatory fields that you need to complete, and in less than a minute, you already get access to the site. You can update your profile info at any time, though I recommend to do it at once after the sign-up process.

sign up process

Other members, as well as you, prefer to get some information about a user before chatting with him, her, or them. So, if you want to find someone really fast, do not hesitate with the profile info.

Website Usability

Sls swinglifestyle is more than just a dating platform. It is a huge online source of useful information for swingers or those who are looking forward to meeting them. A long toolbar on the left contains more than a dozen options for members.

Besides the standard ones like chat, search, and who’s online, there are a few interesting and unique ones which I have not seen on any other dating site before. For example, you can find events which are organized by swingers for swingers. Check the location of the party and even see who among the sls lifestyle members is going to attend it.

group ivent

Some of the members organize their house parties and invite others. There is also a list of clubs and groups across the United States for swingers. Do not forget to check them as well if you want more than just online communication, and I bet you do.

For those of you who like reading some explicit tellings, there are almost 15,000 free erotic stories of all possible genres. If you are more into movies, you can find something interesting here too, and some of them are even available for free.

free options

As for me, swinglifestyles is a perfect site for people who want to bring more joy into their relationships. You can find here online chatting and dating, visit parties, read stories, and watch movies. Everything in one place.

User Account

I like the way the user profile is designed on slsswingers. It is brief, simple, and explains what a member or a couple is looking for on this site. You can check the member’s photos, but not all of them are available for all users.

For example, some couples block their images for single males since they are only into couples or females. Well, I do not consider it a disadvantage but rather a confidentiality option.

user account

After short info about a member such as age, weight, location, and desired age, there are a couple of descriptions of a perfect match. If you fit them, then probably this member will be interested in chatting with you.

people wanting to chat to you

Credits and Payment Methods

Swinglifestyle is the first site that I’ve met which offers a lifetime subscription. You can buy a monthly subscription for 15 dollars which is twice lower than on average on other dating websites.

The annual membership will cost you 70 dollars, and the lifetime is actually the price for a 2-year membership. Is it worth paying? Well, it depends on your goals and desires.

But, as I have said before, the prices for membership are very low here. So, the cost of a lifetime subscription is usually equal to the payment for a 6-12 months subscription on an average dating site.

payment options

There are two payment options - credit card or online check.

Is Swinglifestyle Safe?

I didn’t manage to find any safety tips that usually every dating website shares with its members. Even though they are usually the same and their main message is not to share too personal or financial information with other members, swing lifestyle doesn’t provide any at all.

So, is swinglifestyle scam or is it a reliable site for swingers? Well, they tolerate your privacy so that you can even hide your profile from certain categories of members.

There is also an option to leave a complaint about other users if they violate the terms of use or behave inappropriately towards you, and finally, you can block the unwanted members.

Concluding Thoughts

I didn’t manage to find a lot of swinglifestyle reviews, so I can rely solely on my own experience that I got. My general impression of the site is positive because it is more than just a dating platform.

Here, you can not only indulge in dating but also visit parties and events which are organized by members or somebody else. The site creates an image of a live community where people with the same interest can exchange their fantasies and live out their secret dreams.

So, if you are a couple which is striving for new experience, this site will help you with it. But if you are single, you still have a chance to become a part of the swinging community as there are a lot of members who are looking for the third one for their relationships.


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