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datingcom review has been launched in 1993 and now covers 32 countries. Since this dating platform is one of the oldest that you can find on the Internet, you may believe that it is a good one.

However, I can assure you that some things will make you reconsider that it is the best site for dating. The cost of this service is high, and the presents are exorbitantly pricy. Communication is not free. You cannot even try this service without purchasing credits.

Read this review, and you will learn about many other interesting facts that you certainly would like to know before using the service.

What is

The global dates are available for people all over the world. This site does not make an accent on females by offering them free chatting and charging only males for messages.

People of both genders have equal conditions here, and thus, have to pay the same fee for using

The site was created to help people all over the world to find a soulmate. It is stated that people of more than 32 countries are looking for a beloved one here. The company even created a mobile app to make communication between members easier.

However, almost in each app review, people complain that this service is terrible and costs a lot of money.

You may also visit the facebook official page, but you will only find there commercial posts under which people say that they are looking for a friend, someone special, and so on.

Is worth it?

Like Charmerly , is a quite expensive dating platform which has some exclusive features, but at the same time can also fail to meet some of your expectations. So, what is good and bad about


  • broadcasting which allows checking whether the members are real
  • private photos do not cost extra money
  • anti-scam policy which predetermines returning credits if a member provides false personal information


  • a high price and a tremendous cost of gifts
  • no infromation on where you can get promo code
  • you cannot chat with a member until you buy credits

Sign up Process

Before you can start using the, you need to complete registration. The good news is it will not take too much time. As always, you should select your sex and who you are looking for on this site.

You may even select the same gender of a person you are seeking for and specify the age range. This information will be used later as the default filter for your search option.

Also, you will be asked to make a nickname or use the real name, provide the email address, and create a password.

Once you complete these few steps, you need to check your email address to verify your account. Sometimes the letters may get into the spam folder, so check it too. And that’s all that you have to do to start using

sign up process Website Usability

The main question is how does work? Let’s have a brief overview and check that all. What I like about is that it is very simple and comprehensive.

The home page is presented as a gallery of members’ profiles. The list you see is set in accordance with the preferences that you have chosen during the registration process. However, by using a search button, you can change that.

At the very top, you may see the list of stories which are very similar to the ones that you can find on Instagram. Some of them have photos, others even videos. That creates a feeling that people on this site are real and not fakes.

Under the stories, you may see the Broadcasts button. If you click on it, you will get a list of members who are streaming right now.

You can join the room and even write to a person who is broadcasting. I checked this feature, and it seems real too because I said hi and the girl on a video greeted me by my name.

women profiles

If the current list of users that you see doesn’t satisfy your requirements, you may change it clicking the Search button. This function has a brief and advanced option.

The first one allows you to range the age, location, online status, and availability for a video chat. If you click the More options button, you will get an opportunity to find a person according to the common interests that you added in the profile.

search for matches

User Account


At first, it seems that on this site you may find people from different countries and probably from all around the world. Whatever country you select in the search, you will get a huge list of members that are supposed to satisfy this request.

However, I found out that sometimes only the first few members are from the country you select. Unfortunately, there is no some kind of a line which would separate those members who correspond to your search requirements from others. Everybody goes to the same list.

User Info

A member’s profile looks very simple, and if you have visited dating sites before, it will be very familiar to you. You will find a large profile photo, the name, age, and online status.

There is also a short greeting message where a person tells about herself/himself.

Below, you will see two categories of photos - common and private. The first one is free for you to see, even if you don’t have credits; the second one will be visible only if you start chatting with this person, and once he or she replies to you, the private photos become visible to you.

Actually, I didn’t get the difference between common and private photos. In both cases, they are quite the same. If one thinks that private photos may contain some more explicit images, then you will be disappointed to learn that they do not.

user account

If you scroll a bit lower, you will see the members’ range of interests, brief information about this person like location, position, education, height, body type, and so on. And a kind of person she or he wants to find on this site.


Communication Channels offers two methods of communication - chat and emails. You may send messages on chat for free, but you cannot check what messages a person sends to you unless you buy some credits.

However, the first message that other members send to you is visible, but only the first one. You should pay to check the others.

That’s why once you get on the site, you receive dozens of spam messages from other members. No doubts, that’s made to make you purchase credits because there is no free communication at all on this site. You should have credits to get an opportunity to reply to other members.

Credits and Payment Methods

How much does dating. com cost? Quite a lot, especially if you take into account that live chat requires 1 credit per minute, one offline message costs 1 credit, and one email letter is worth 10 credits.

The service offers 3 types of packages, where each of them includes a certain amount of credits. The more credits you buy at once, the cheaper they are. So, here are these three offers:

  • 20 credits for $2.99
  • 160 credits for $96.00
  • 1000 Credits for $399.00

Since the first offer is a trial and you can use it once, on average, you will pay about 50 cents for 1 credit. Only 1 hour in a chat, and you will have spent about 30 dollars. I am not sure that many high-qualified specialists earn as much.

However, that is not even the biggest waste of money that you will find on this site. If you check presents that you can send to members, you will be more than surprised by the prices that you can see there.

For instance, a flower basket costs 700 credits or about 350 bucks. I am pretty sure that the most beautiful and expensive flowers put in a beautiful basket will not cost more than 70 dollars. Ok, let it be 100 dollars, but that is the highest possible price.

credit options

Okay, you may say that I am too picky and there could be some kind of a handmade basket, and the price in such case could be reasonable. We do not know for sure. So, let’s take a look at another present the exact cost of which we can easily find on the Internet - an iPhone.

On, Apple iPhone 8 with 64 GB memory space costs 3900 credits or about 2000 dollars. Are you already feeling that smell of scam because even the latest version of the iPhone is much cheaper today?

iphone 8

I searched for the same iPhone 8 on Amazon, and do you know how much does it cost? Only 400 dollars. Almost 5 TIMES cheaper!!

iphone price

I can accept the fact that the service takes some fee for buying and shipping the gifts. But guys, common, that is a real highway robbery. For the money you pay, they should personally go to the shop, buy the present, buy tickets to the plane, fly to another country, and personally present the gift.

Is Safe?

On, I found a page dedicated to the safety and security of the site’s members. There, you may find some general safety tips like not sending money to another member, not sharing the password or any official identity documents. Those are clear and quite obvious things which you should follow on all sites.

terms of use

However, there are some measures which the company assures to take against scammers or members who provide dishonest information about themselves. For example, guarantees to return you the used credits if a member misidentifies himself/herself, requests money or gifts from you, or provides false personal information like marital status, children, age, and so on.

If such cases take place, the company will reimburse all the credits that you have spent communicating with such a member. A person who was noticed in such activity and was proven guilty will be banned.

Concluding Thoughts

In the end, I want to say that has a huge advantage compared to many dating websites.

There are some unique features like broadcasting which allows ensuring that a member you are going to talk with is real. Unfortunately, there is also another side of the coin which shows that has unreasonably high prices, especially for gifts.

In general, the cost of presents is exaggerated 4-5 times. That creates a feeling that the only goal of is to get as much money from its members as possible and that they care very little about the principles of morality and respect towards those who visit their site. Tired of casual dating and want something new, check this Collarspace review. I assure you'll love casual dating even more.


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