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If you are pondering about the best dating site to choose, then these elite singles reviews help you to learn about one of the leading dating platforms. I want to share with you everything that I have found about this service to show you why this dating platform, ulike BeautifulPeople, is quite a good place for finding the “special ones.”

Since it is a quite famous dating site, you have probably already googled some “elite singles reviews usa” but either found reviews which sounded too good or too bad.

I keep the neutral position and will honestly present you both sides of the coin so that you could see all the pros and cons which EliteSingles gives to its users.

What is EliteSingles?

What is elite singles? That is the very first question that every person who wants to use this service starts searching on the Internet.

At first glance, it resembles a very common dating website like, say, AgeMatch. However, there is one significant difference which puts this service on a higher level. The questionnaire that you have to pass after registration was developed to maximize the chances of finding a perfect match.

The similar approach is used by another dating company Eharmony. That’s why you may also stumble onto many elite singles vs eharmony reviews, where people compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of these two services. But that‘s an issue for another discussion, and let’s return to this review of elite singles and find out what's good about this dating platform.

Who is the Site for?

Like many other dating platforms, this service helps people to find their soulmates. There are no limitations on location so that you may find people all over the world on this site.

Both male and female users have equal conditions and requirements. There are no specific discounts for women like free messages as some other dating services offer to attract more females on the site.

And as for me, that is a good sign which shows that EliteSingles treats all members fairly and its goal is to help people all over the world to find a beloved one. By the way, talking about the good treatment of members.

The company has developed an elite singles app to give all its members an opportunity to visit the site at any time and any place using a convenient app instead of a mobile version of the site.

Is EliteSingles worth it?

I found a lot of good things about Elitesingles, but cannot keep silent about some drawbacks which are too obvious. Here is what is good and bad about this dating platform.


  • an affordable price
  • very informative members ‘profiles
  • a simple and comprehensive navigation


  • you need to buy a subscription to use all the features
  • a questionnaire is not skippable and may take a lot of time
  • no elite singles coupon to get a discount

Sign up Process

When I saw only two fields and a Get Started button, I thought - that would be the fastest registration ever. I only had to select my gender and the gender of a person I am looking for on this site.

By the way, it is the first time when I had a right to search for people of the same sex. Unfortunately, when I clicked the Get Started button, it appeared that I also had to provide my email address and create a password. But that is not the worst thing, the real nightmare started right after I got on the site.


When I saw a questionnaire, the only thought in my head was - Again? Ok how do you skip it, I’ll do it later. But there was no skip button.

And to get the full access to the site, I had to answer all those questions. To understand why I called it a nightmare, imagine that you need to answer more than 50 questions where half of them has nothing to do with dating.

For example, a question which image I like better? What is it? A psychological test, I came here for dating!

sign up process

But that was not even the worst thing. One of the last questions which made me really mad was about my income - How much do I earn? There was even a note that this information will not be visible to other members.

Then what is the purpose? Why should I provide information about my financial status to the site’s administration?


I was very disappointed with this questionnaire, and thus, the first thing I did when I got the access to the site was search for the elite singles phone number. I found it immediately and made a call to clarify the purpose of such a long and purposeless questionnaire.

To be honest, I was very surprised to learn that this is an obligatory step because the received information is used to make a list of perfect matches for each member. This seemingly complicated and long process allows achieving the best matching which few of the current dating platforms can offer.

So, a simple way is not always the right solution. Sometimes, you need to spend more time on a questionnaire to get what you have come to this site for.

EliteSingles Website Usability

The first thing that I want to warn you about is that you need to upgrade your account, otherwise you will not have an opportunity to talk to other members. Moreover, you will not even see the photos of users, even the profile one.

Talking about the site’s usability, I find it quite simple and user-friendly. There are four tabs which you should know about and which are actually important.

become a premium member

The first one is messages. As you understand, there you will find all your correspondence with other users, and it is the main and the only source of communication.

So, if you have a new message, you will see a notification upon the message icon.

The second feature is Matches. Here, you will find the list of people who satisfy your elite singles requirements. Remember the questionnaire after the registration? Here is what it was for.

Based on the answers that you provided there, the site generated a list of potential matches with a range of interests and requirements similar to yours. In fact, Matches perform the elite singles search function. So, you can reset filters there and make a search with new requirements.

user accounts

Clicking on the Visitors button, you will see all the people who viewed your profile, hence probably interested in you. And the last option is Have You Met.

It is a very classical option, a variation of a game, where the site shows you a random account of a user and you may either like it or skip.

User Account

What I did like about EliteSingles is the way the members’ profiles look here. They are very detailed and are not half-filled or contain only a name and age. EliteSingles uses a very serious approach like none other dating platform does.

Besides the profile photo, age, location, and even a position, a member's profile includes 4 tabs.

search profile

In the profile, you will find basic information about a user. Reading it is like already going on the first date because you will already be aware about a person’s habits, strong sides, preferences, hobbies, and so on.

In the gallery, you will see all the photos that a user uploaded on the site.

However, the most interesting section in the profile is Personality. It seems like EliteSingles has conducted a psychological test to show what kind of a person each of their members are.

It includes 5 criteria: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Clicking on any of them, you will see a detailed portrait of the person based on this criterion.


And the last one is Interests, where each user specifies his or her hobbies and other things he or she likes to do in free time. As I have mentioned before, there is only one way of communication with other members - using messages.

It is a simple chat which works like any other messenger that you can find today. Talking about location, I was surprised to find out that on EliteSingles you may find people from different regions.

Indeed, there are more members from the United States than anywhere else, but also a lot from Europe and the Middle East.

Credits and Payment Methods

Is elite singles free? Unfortunately, no. You have to purchase a subscription to get full access to all the features of this site.

So, how much does elite singles cost? The price greatly depends on the type of the package you select. If you buy a 1-month subscription, the sum you have to pay for one month will be about 4 times higher compared to a 6-month package. So, the more months you buy at once, the less you pay.

  • Premium Light Subscription for $119.95 per 1 month
  • Premium Comfort Subscription for 173.85 per 3 months
  • Premium Classic Subscription for $197.70 per 6 months

Moreover, the Premium Classic Subscription has more benefits compared to the Premium Light one.

payment method

The company accepts such payment methods as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Is EliteSingles Safe?

Protection of users is one of the primary goals of EliteSingles. The company says that it uses SSL Encryption and A Fraud Detection System to make sure that all the visitors of EliteSingles website feel safe online.

All the personal data that members provide to the company is encrypted and never shared with the third parties. The company takes all the possible measures to avoid scammers using the site.

Nevertheless, it highly recommends that all members do not share sensitive data with others such as private information or financial details in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Keep in mind that elite singles dating platform was created for romantic purposes and thus, if some user shows a suspicious interest in your financial wellbeing, it should warn you. In such cases, feel free to contact the site administration and inform about such behavior.

Concluding Thoughts

Summing up, I want to say that EliteSingles is one of the first sites that I have discovered which uses such a detailed questionnaire approach. It seems that they really want to find a perfect match for you.

Here, everything is made to provide you and other members with a full picture of a member’s habits, interests, desires, and intentions. After visiting a member’s profile, you will know so much about a person as if you already had five dates.

And that’s awesome! Another good thing is the elite singles cost. The price is not the cheapest, but I expected it would be higher taking into consideration the detailed members’ profiles.

Besides, you pay for a subscription which means that it is the final price and you don’t need to pay for each message you send. So, I am completely satisfied with what I’ve discovered about EliteSingles and consider this dating platform being a good one.

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