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Godatenow Review

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godatenow review

Godatenow is a free Ukrainian dating platform, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay for it to use it in full measure. Actually, only registration is free here, and for every service you want to use such as sending a message or a video chat you should pay a specific sum of credits.

I created a godatenow account to find out everything that you would like to know about this dating service in advance.

In my review, you will get the answers to the most important questions such as whether it is safe to use this dating platform, what services it has, how much does it cost, and are the girls on this site real. Find the truth about Godatenow before paying for its services.

What is Godatenow?

Godatenow is a Ukrainian bridal service. On the site, you can find information which states that Ukrainian ladies are the best wives unlike the Western ones because they are family-oriented.

It is also said that Ukrainian girls are searching for foreign husbands because there are not enough men in Ukraine and NOT because they want to leave their native state. Well, I suppose that’s enough for me.

Arguments like “girls from Eastern Europe do not have any intentions to find a rich foreigner and move to another country” are actually a lie. That’s exactly what they want to do, and that is the only goal they have creating a profile on a dating site.

They want to find somebody who could take them away from home. They don't really care who would do that as long as they could just to move abroad because that’s their ticket to a new life.

I heard a lot of stories when men found pretty girls on sites like this. Very soon, they got married, and a man took a girl to his country.

In a couple of years after the girl became a full resident of a new motherland, she divorced the man taking a good share of his money. End of story.

So, if you have an intention to find a pretty girl and have a few dates with her, then godatenow com may work for you.

But if you are into real dating and you are looking for a serious relationship (check my review of WellHello), think once again whether a statement “not enough men in Ukraine” sounds credible to you.

These girls just want to leave their country, and they care neither about dating nor marriage.

Is Godatenow worth it?

Is godatenow a scam? Let's compare its pros and cons and see whether the good things prevail over the bad ones.


  • average prices
  • no spam letters from other members
  • a simple and fast registration


  • only Ukrainian girls
  • the need to buy credits to start a chat
  • unclear safety guarantees

Sign up Process

The sign-up process was very fast. I didn’t even have to pass any questionnaire or provide answers to some extra questions about what kind of a person I am.

As usual, you have to provide your email address, make up the password, write your name, and choose who you are searching for on this site. By the way, if you are into people of the same gender as you are, such an option is available on Godatenow.

create account

After I passed the registration process, I was not even asked to verify my email address. That was strange because it is a standard procedure. Is godatenow legit? Shouldn’t they make such checks to verify the members and prevent automatic registration by robots?

Godatenow Website Usability

girls gallery

GoDateNow has a very classical structure of a dating site. There is a Members Gallery where you can see a list of random members’ profiles.

A Find Your Match performs a search function. Here, you can set specific parameters to find a person you want to meet. Besides the standard criteria like height, weight, age, and so on, I could not walk by Ethnicity.


Ethnicity filter includes - African American, Asian, Indian, Hispanic, and many others. Well, if I am not mistaken, the site states that it is a Ukrainian dating platform, so you could hardly find any ladies from, for example, India here.

I selected Native American, and here is the result I received. I am not a good Ethnicity knower, but it seems to me that these ladies are not Native Americans. If you choose another ethnicity option, the result will be almost the same. What’s the purpose of it I don’t know, but this filter works improperly.


There are also two more pages that you should know about - Support and Chat. If you have any issues, you can click the Support tab and address your concern to a manager.

However, since it is not a live chat, you will not get an immediate answer. I decided to test it but got the reply only the next day.

To start communication with other members, you need to visit a Chat page. There, you will see a list of ladies you can talk to. Some of them have a label “live” which means that they have a turned-on video camera and you can talk to them via video chat.

User Account

How does a members’ profile look? It is a very standard page where you can see the profile photo, a couple of more “exclusive photos” (I don’t know what is so exclusive about them), detailed information about a person, a few words about themselves and an ideal partner.

Well, nothing new if you have ever visited dating sites before. The only question - Is godatenow real? Some of the members also have a short intro video. Not all members, but many do have it.

And the good news is that at least these ladies are real and it is not just some pictures taken from the Internet. I can only hope that while you are going to chat with a girl it will be her, but not someone pretending to be her.

I am saying this because in some godatenow reviews, I learned that sometimes girls you can see on the photos do not answer to you in a chat. Somebody else does it, and only when you want to live chat, the real girl appears.

user account

Godatenow offers three methods of communication - Chat, messages, and video chat. None of these methods is free, and you cannot even test them until you buy credits. You can read messages that others send to you for free, but the problem is that nobody has sent me at least 1 letter, though I have been on the site for more than an hour.

The cost of the services is the following:

  • 1 letter costs 7 credits
  • 1 minute of a text chat costs 1 credit
  • 1 minute of a video chat costs 1 credit

Credits and Payment Methods

There is not a chance to get the godatenow free credits, you need to pay to chat with others. The prices are above average, but not extremely high compared to most of the other dating platforms. On average, for 1 Euro you can buy 2 credits which are equal to 2 minutes on chat.

payment and credits

Godatenow accepts payments with Visa and MasterCard. There is also an option to send your money using Western Union or MoneyGram transfer, but as for me, that’s not a very reliable method, and take into account that you will also need to pay the fee for a money transfer operation.

Is Godatenow Safe?

As I have mentioned before, I do not think that using Godatenow is unsafe if we are talking about payment. According to the privacy policy, Godatenow guarantees not to share members’ personal data about with third parties, unless required by law.

The service is also responsible for any customers’ sensitive data loss. However, there is a note which says that Godatenow cannot provide a 100% guarantee of the unintentional disclosure or loss of such information.

And at the end, the company sums up that when you transfer information on the Site, you do so at your own risk. In other words, if something goes wrong and the sensitive data about you will become available to others, Godatenow abdicates its responsibility.

I didn’t find any information concerning fraudsters activity. No promises or measures that the company guarantees to take in order to create a safe dating environment. There are only community rules which can be considered as dating tips.

They include such pieces of advice as being kind, polite, and respectful to others, and also keeping private things private.

Concluding Thoughts

Godatenow is considered to be one of the most legitimate ukrainian dating sites. However, I was not satisfied with the guarantees of members’ private information safety.

In fact, despite the promises to protect its users, Godatenow states that you use their service at your own risk which means that the company is not responsible for any damage that you may receive because of visiting Godatenow.

Another thing which I didn’t like at all is the argumentation that there are not enough men in Ukraine and thus, so many Ukrainian ladies are searching for husbands abroad.

As for me, it sounds like a total lie and an attempt to hide the real intention of the girls who use this service just to find a rich husband and leave the country.

I believe that the core purpose of a dating site is to create a safe environment for people who want to build a relationship. In the case of Godatenow, unlike Sugardaddyforme, neither of these important requirements is followed.

Taking into account the necessity to pay for each and every service without even an attempt to test it for free, I do not consider Godatenow a good site for finding a soulmate or a wife.

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