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amolatina review

I was looking for some unordinary dating websites and came across Amolatina, a platform where you can meet spicy ladies from South America.

The idea of the site where you can chat with women mostly from this continent seemed interesting to me. Thus, I started googling, but besides the good feedback, I also found statements like “Don’t trust this service, there are a lot of fakes” or something like “Amolatina scams its users”.

Reading comments which didn’t give me a certain answer, I had no other choice but to explore the site myself and share the experience I had in this amolatina review. Read it further, and you will learn whether Amolatina is a good site for dating.

What is Amolatina?

As you can get from the name of the site, Amolatina is a place where you can find ladies from hot South America, and the ladies on the site are not less hot.

You can also search for women from other countries, but the result will not give you a lot of members, maybe a couple, because the majority of users are from South America.

That’s why if you are looking for a passionate Brazilian woman, Amolatina can help you with it. Your expectations will not be failed. Right after the registration, new Amolatina members receive a lot of attention from the ladies.

They send you a message after message, wanting to chat with you and get to know you closer.

Is Amolatina worth it?

Usually, I do not give a certain answer to the question of whether the site is worth trying or not and just provide two lists with advantages and drawbacks. However, in the case of Amolatina, I see only benefits and no disadvantages.


  • only 3 dollars to start using the site
  • real members, and you can check it by yourself
  • Amolatina app for both Android and iOS users


  • you need to buy credits to chat with others, but that’s what every dating site requires

Sign-up Process

I was very surprised to find the fastest registration ever, and I do not exaggerate. Two clicks and you are there, on amolatina dating site, or you can do it even in one click if you sign in via Google.

All in all, the only information you need to provide is your sex, the sex of a person you are seeking (it can also be a person of the same gender, which is not all dating websites allow), age since only adults can use the service like this, and that’s all if you decide to use the Google registration.

In case you don’t have a Google account or want to use a different email address to register on this site, you need to provide this email address after clicking the Take a Chance button and make a password for your account on the amolatina date website.

sign-up amolatina

There will be no questionnaires right after the registration, so you can immediately start using the service. A huge advantage as for me, as in less than a minute, you become a member of this dating platform.

Website Usability

When you visit the site, you will see the huge list of amolatina ladies, and they are very hot, no doubts. And nothing else! No games, no lists with favorites or people who like me. You will not find any of these on Amolatina.

amolatina usability

This site is very and very simple and basically has only two functions. First, you can use the Search button and set the specific filters to find the best match for you. And you are not bothered by a huge list of options to choose from, only the most important ones like age, city, video, and interests.

search options

And the second function is, of course, the chat. Select a user from the search list, click the huge green button Chat Now, and start the conversation with the amolatina girls. Oh, one more thing, which I almost forgot.

You may choose your mood for today so that other users can see what you are into today. Are you interested in a friendly chat, some flirt, or do you wanna talk about something in private? Select the mood that suits your desires today.

your mood today

User Account

User accounts impressed me a lot because I could finally see people as they are. To my biggest disappointment, on the majority of dating sites, the members’ accounts are not very informative or contain only a few photos, but usually only one.

You will not find the same on Amolatina. Ok, let’s start from the very beginning. The whole account looks like a profile from a social network, and I mean it in a good sense. It seems like girls who have created accounts on this website have spent a lot of time on that. The first section contains a brief story about a person.

Usually, members write here where they are from and what they are doing - study or work. You can also find age and name here, as well as profile photos. Next, you will find a section with videos, photos, and private photos.

user account

What I do like about this section and the members of Amolatina is that they look real. For example, in an album with photos, you can find a few dozen pictures, and they are all different and were made in different places - at home, at work, during a holiday, with a grandma (that’s cute), with friends, and so on.

So, you do not see 20 photos where a girl wears the same dress, and she just changes her arm position every next photo. These are live photos, and they allow you to see at least a little of this person’s life.

I guess that’s what everybody wants to see when checking the photos of members on a dating website. Besides, many girls have videos where they tell who they are looking for on the site and what they expect from dating.

I believe that should dispel the last doubts and answer the question “Is amolatina fake or not?”

girls profiles

You can also see some private photos, but only of those users with whom you start chatting.

You need to get at least one reply from a member to see all the private photos. As a rule, other dating sites require additional payment per each private photo to see. Is amolatina scam? I see no pieces of evidence yet.

By this moment, they look like a site with real ladies and do not try to charge you for every action you want to do on the platform.

your interests

And the last section of a member’s profile is interests, information about a person like a body type, height, hair, and so on, and of course, the description of a perfect match she is looking for on this site. Read it carefully if you want to impress her. Sometimes, the key to success lies in these few sentences.

Credits and Payment Methods

To start using the service, you need to have credits on your balance. Amolatina doesn’t provide membership for 1,3, or 6 months. Well, on the one hand, it is even a bit beneficial since you pay for the service only when you use it.

I am attaching the full list of services and the price for them below. On average, one minute in chat will cost you around 15-62 cents depending on a package of credits that you buy.

For all new users, there is a welcoming package of 20 credits for only 3 dollars, where 1 credit costs only 15 cents. A very generous offer which allows you to test the site and not spend a lot of money.

Let’s be honest, 3 dollars is the cost of a cup of coffee, so if you don’t like the site, you lose almost nothing. Moreover, when you buy credits, you also get 10 Free Chats, 10 Free Emails, and Free Introduction Messages. A nice bonus, no doubts. You can purchase credits via credit card or PayPal.

payment methods

credit and payment methods

Is Amolatina Safe?

Many people who are searching for amolatina reviews want to know whether it is safe to use this dating platform. I could list you some reasons to support the fact that Amolatina is a safe dating website, but instead, I will repeat one argument which I have already announced before - user profiles.

They do have photos and videos, the members are real. Besides, there is a live chat, and it is not expensive. Paying just two dollars, you can assure that a person you are chatting with is not a fake. Is amolatina real? I have no doubts because I can easily check it within a few minutes.

Concluding Thoughts

So, here is my final word about Amolatina. I didn’t find anything that could warn me or discourage from using this dating website. Registration is fast, just in two clicks you become a member.

The site is not overwhelmed with unnecessary extra services, only chat and search. Members are real because each of them has many photos, videos, and there is a video chat option.

So, even if there are fake members, they will not last for long on Amolatina. And the final thing I want to mention is the price which is also very reasonable, especially for newcomers.

Only three dollars to get the full experience with the site. As for me, it is a very honest deal. So, I found nothing bad about Amolatina. It offers you exactly what you need and nothing else, it does not overcharge you, demanding to pay huge sums of money while you are not sure yet whether this site is what you need.


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