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Whatsyourpice.com Review - [2021 Update]


WE CAN recommend this service!

Let’s clear things out first. This is not just another dating website, and yet it’s also not what you might think it is. Or it is, depending on what you think.

Read my detailed review to find out about the benefits and drawbacks of Iwantasian, its price policy, and usability. I will answer the question - Is Iwantasian legit? I hope that I will dispel any doubts concerning using this dating website.


  • Registration is easy and free
  • Escort services are strictly prohibited


  • No available mobile app
  • No refunds
  • Attractive women willing to go on a real date
Years on the market 10
Active members 455.000
Mobile app no
Free trial 3 days
Types of dating adult, casual, sugardaddy
Gender distribution % Male 40 / Female 60
Payment methods
card, gift card

Pricing packages

100 Credits



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450 Credits



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999 Credits



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What is whatsyourprice.com

But enough with the confusing and vague phrases, what is WhatsYourPrice? Well, for one thing, this is not an escort service, although it can be seen that by some people. It has been around for a decade now, and the idea came from an owner of another sugar daddy website.

The idea behind this dating website was simple: putting the money on the table helps to eliminate men who want to hook up with attractive women yet are not willing to do anything more than online chatting.

So, the straightforward question “Whats your price?” is represented by the bidding process. A man bids on a date with a particular woman, and if she finds the offer sufficient, she accepts it and now has to go on a date with him.

Besides, it is often a rule that women have to look astonishing on dates, and it takes them more money and time to spend on their appearance than an average man does. So, while researching the site for this WhatsYourPrice review, I came to the conclusion that it was a way to balance things out a bit, making sure both sides get something out of it other than utter disappointment.

How does WhatsYourPrice work

From a male member’s perspective, WhatsYourPrice allows them to date beautiful women who may even be considered out of their league and hope for more if everything goes well.

Is WhatsYourPrice Worth it?

The company has been featured in various respectable publications over the years, like Forbes, Time, etc. Nevertheless, if you go online, you will find a lot of WhatsYourPrice.com reviews that are filled with anger and disappointment.

Since I have tried the site and found it just great, I would like to further analyze the reasons for such reactions. But first, let’s see what attractive and negative features it has for potential users.

Some information about the service

Sign-up Process

When signing up, you choose who you are going to be, the one who bids or the one who is bid on. From the WhatsYourPrice.com Reddit discussions I found beforehand, it was clear that being a man, you can only succeed as a bidder here.

That’s the ratio on the website, and the majority of women come here expecting to be paid for a date. Such is the harsh truth, but I was fine with it, I didn’t expect anyone wanting to pay me for dinner.

The registration consists of just a couple of steps, ending with you uploading a photo that is to be verified within 24 hours. If you don’t do this, don’t even hope to get a response on WhatsYourPrice com.

And then, there is another option to increase your chances, which is going through an identity verification process. That costs $50, but since you should expect to spend no less on a single date, it’s totally worth it.

Creating account

WhatsYourPrice Website Usability

I liked the site right away. It’s very clean, there is no barrage of windows and avatars attacking you from every side. There’s a reason for that as people who register here mean business.

So, since the company wanted to eliminate intermediary steps in online relationships, it only makes sense that they got rid of everything that would cluster the site. This is complemented in many whats your price reviews, and I will gladly join them.

Women's profile photos

The search seems to have enough options for you to express whom you are looking for. Besides appearance, age, type of relationship, and distance, you can even specify the education level and input some keywords.

That way, you have a chance to find a person with similar hobbies or interests, although you should clearly consider what to type in as it can narrow results to zero.

User Account

What I like about the user accounts is that profile images are quite large already in the preview. This gets extra points in my WhatsYourPrice.com review. Surely, this is possible because there are not as many users as on other dating sites.

Besides, you are often expected to pay more here for a date than for a 6-months subscription, so you need to see what you are buying.

User's profile details

The profiles are minimalistic as well, they have the main photo, sometimes a few private photos that can be viewed for credits. Then there is, of course, some physical information and a few lines in which a woman introduces herself and may share what she expects from a date.

Credits and Payment Methods

Now, finally, I would like to point out that all those bitter WhatsYourPrice reviews seem to be coming from men who expected lower prices for bids or thought that paying more would guarantee them sex after a date. I think it’s their fault then.

It is clear that what you are paying for is a date. How it ends and what it leads to depends only on you and your partner. This is not a prostitution site, and nowhere is it said that you are guaranteed anything besides helping you to establish a date with a girl you find attractive.

If the mechanics or expectations are still not clear to you, I advise checking WhatsYourPrice Reddit discussions where people share their experiences and approaches.

Now, to be able to vid on a date, you will need to purchase credits. The packages are:

  • 100 credits for $50
  • 450 credits for $150
  • 1000 credits for $250

Is WhatsYourPrice Safe?

Those are some privacy options, I agree, and so you need a definite answer, is WhatsYourPrice legit? One of the reasons people may be very suspicious about it is because the company offers no refunds whatsoever.

However, I got rather interested in this site, and so I went on three dates before writing this review. Everything went comparatively smoothly, and I can say that the site definitely works. Just expect that you will spend money on a pleasant evening in return.

You can also be completely sure that any details you provide, especially for verifying your identity, are well protected according to the company’s privacy policy.

Privacy and security features

Concluding Thoughts

So, what are my final thoughts on WhatsYourPrice.com? It’s a really interesting project, and it does bring results. What those results are may differ: some people earn money while having a good time, others seal the second date and a more intimate meeting, and some reviews even state that they found love this way. One thing to remember is this site is not for everyone, so you need to come to senses with your expectations first.

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Easy of Use
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Overall Rating

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Does whatsyourprice work? Yes, this site really works. Here you can meet someone special for flirting, casual sex, or long-term relationships.
How to use whatsyourprice? You can search for interesting people nearby thanks to the matching algorithm and certain criteria. Also, you can chat, flirt and share photos with each other.
Is whatsyourprice legit? This is a completely legal site that has been registered for many years. You have no reason not to trust this hookup site.
Is whatsyourprice legal? Yes, this is a legal site. You don't have to worry about these aspects, and feel free to register an account here to find a partner.
What is whatsyourprice? This is a site that will help you find someone for casual sex and long-lasting relationships. Thanks to the large user base, the process of selecting interesting people is very simple and fast.