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Sugardaddyforme Review

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sugardaddyforme review

My first impression of Sugardaddy was like “Wait, what is it? Why does this site look so outdated like it was created at least 20 years ago?” Just take a look at that registration form, I haven’t seen anything similar for at least the last decade.

You don’t have enough money to add some improvements to your site or you don’t care about your users at all? Well, maybe I'm too picky, but having a site like this in 2019 is kind of a shame.

Ok, I’ll give it a try and probably despite its so destructive design, it copes well with its major function - online communication and dating. Read on my sugar daddy for me review and find out whether this dating site is worth your time.

What is Sugardaddyforme?

Who is sugar daddy for me designed for? Well, the answer is a bit obvious, it is for those who are looking for sugar daddies or is a sugerdaddy himself and wants to find some sugarbabies here.

But, besides babies and daddies, on this site, you can also meet sugarmommies (since we have daddies, why should mommies be aside?), toyboys (and gay daddies), and married women and men.

sugardaddyforme review

So, sugar daddy 4 me provides you with an opportunity to find almost any type of a person you need. It sounds great, doesn’t it? A site where you can find very “open-minded” people.

However, nudity is forbidden here, and the administration states that all explicit photos that you upload will be removed without warning. If you continue to upload inappropriate images, your membership will be canceled, and your money will not be returned since you have violated terms and conditions.

As for me, it is quite fair. You, as a member, should respect the rules established by the service you use. So, just enjoy the time you have on sugardaddyforme and do not violate the rules.

Is Sugardaddyforme worth it?

Unfortunately, I found more drawbacks on Sugardaddyforme than advantages. Even though I didn’t like its design a lot, the entire idea with its sugar daddies and mommies was great.

Nevertheless, they didn’t develop it into something bigger and more interesting. They just leave it as a new type of label for gender instead of the ordinary female, male, couple, or married. Such a pity they didn’t go further.


  • fast registration
  • warnings about fraudsters
  • sugar daddies and babies sound funny


  • the price is average, but it is still too high for a service like this
  • no annual membership, so no discounts for constant members
  • few photos of members, half of the users don’t have any at all

Sign-up Process

Registration was super fast, there were only 4 fields - username, email, password, and in less than 20 seconds I got a welcome message. However, it was not a pleasant one because it also contained a warning.

The site informs that you must not use this dating platform for any illegal activities such as prostitution, escort service, commercial activities, and so on. In other words, you can use it only for dating and nothing else.

sugardaddy requirements

There is also another warning which says that you should avoid any offers regarding money transfer or any requests for money or bank account info.

It seems a big problem here or even a common situation if the site informs new users about it. Indeed, many other dating platforms that I visited before also provided some safety tips, but they didn’t do it in such a serious manner.

That’s why I want to thank sugardaddyforme dating site administration for showing such a deep concern for its members’ safety! Well done!

Website Usability

How does the site work and how do you start chatting and dating on sugardaddyforme? There are 4 buttons than you need to know to get the full list of opportunities, and they can all be found on the navigation bar or at the top of the home page.

navigation panel

Mail - it contains all the messages that you exchange with users. The messages from the site’s administration can also be found here. Search - the option that you will use very often here.

You can try the quick search (you can see it on the left on the screen above), but it allows specifying the gender of a person you are seeking, their age, and distance. If you need more advanced search options, click the search button and select the Advanced Search tab.

Use it if you want to narrow your search results and are interested in some specific requirements such as marital status, race, or body type.

advanced search

Browse - it is almost the same as Search, but gives you an option to get a quick check of new members or the new photos that users have recently added to their albums.

Contact - in case you have any questions, complaints, or concerns, click this button and find out how you can contact the site’s administration and inform them about your problem.

As for me, the site’s navigation is simple and is not overwhelmed with unnecessary services. Maybe, there is still something good about outdated and old sites, they are all never too complicated.

User Account

Now, the most interesting part of the sugardaddyforme review - the member’s profile. It is very brief, and I see no point in long profiles with over 50 fields because most users never fill in even 20 of them.

Visiting a user’s account, you can see personal details, a few sentences written by a member about oneself, and a few words about a perfect match for her. You can use the Send Mail button to start communication with this member.

I was disappointed to find out that there is no live chat, so you should wait from a few minutes to a few hours or even a day till you get an answer from another user. Not convenient at all!

user account

Credits and Payment Methods

Without paying for a membership, your range of activities on this site is limited to silent observation. You can search members that fit your preferences, check their profiles, photos, but cannot send even a single message.

So, the only solution is to pay for a membership. Some may say that sugardaddyforme scams demands have no limits. Why should I pay for chatting without even a first few free messages? A fair argument, but unfortunately, the majority of dating platforms have absolutely the same requirements.

I met only a few sites which gave the new users some free credits or a couple of free minutes in a chat. All others always require buying a membership to start chatting with users. You can choose between a Silver and Gold memberships.

The price is almost the same, although the Gold membership gives some more advanced features such as smart match detection emails of fast profile approval. As for me, they are not worth the money, and you can get all you need even with a Silver account for 40 dollars per month.

Is it expensive? On average, dating platforms charge about 30-40 dollars per month. So, the price is quite average. However, I didn’t manage to find an annual membership which usually allows you to save up to 40% if you pay for a 12-month membership at once.

Hence, if you are going to spend more than a couple of months on Sugardaddyforme, you will definitely overpay for this service.

credit and payment methods

Only 4 methods of payment are available for users - MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Network. All transactions are secure, and the service guarantees the safety of your funds.

Is Sugardaddyforme Safe?

It is a very rhetorical question which is usually not so easy to answer. On the one hand, yes, sugardaddyforme is a safe place for dating, if we are talking about the site itself. The company will not steal your money or cancel your membership for no reason.

On the other hand, not all members that you can meet here are into dating. There are some who are fraudsters and have intentions to take your money.

The warning about scammers that I received after registration means that it is not a rare phenomenon on this site, and I suppose that the administration got a bunch of complaints about money loss if they decided to make such a warning in the welcome notification. So, what is my opinion? I will say the same thing as always.

Sugardaddyforme will be a safe place for dating as long as you act safely. Do not accept suspicious offers connected with some financial issues, and do not share your private financial information.

After all, you are on a dating site, and the only topics for conversation here should be dating, relationships, friendship, love, but NOT money! The Internet is full of scammers, but they will never get you until you allow them to do it.

Concluding Thoughts

Is sugar daddy for me legit? Yes, I didn’t find any things that could warn me or indicated that this is a scam service, another question is whether it is worth the money. Taking into consideration all the dating websites that I have visited before, I am not sure that it is the best price for what you can get here.

You cannot even install a sugardaddyforme app because they didn’t manage to create it. As for me, it is a crime not to have an app for a dating service while almost all competitors have already done it many years ago. It is not very convenient to use the mobile version of the site, just because apps cope much better with this role.

Another disappointment is the huge amount of users with no photos. At least half of members don’t even have a profile image, while the rest have at best two pictures and not always of the high resolution.

So, it is like blind dating, while again, some dating websites have an opportunity to chat with ladies via webcam and they charge about the same price for a membership. My verdict is that sugardaddyforme is not a bad dating platform, but it is too expensive since it cannot offer a lot to users. Check instead instead Benaughty or VictoriaMilan review.


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