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4.9 out of 5.0


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4.7 out of 5.0


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4.6 out of 5.0


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4.5 out of 5.0

What is Passion?

My goal of writing this Passion dating site review was just as usual, to provide readers with a brief yet informative tour of the site.

At the same time, you can expect to find answers to questions that appear in your head whenever you consider a new site, be it a dating platform or not. People want to know what makes the site special, how it is different from other sites, whether it deserves their attention.

Is real? What hides behind such a name? How expensive is it? Are there free features?

For one thing, Passion may not have one of the most inventive names, yet it’s one of the oldest dating sites, which explains how it was able to get such a desired domain name. Additionally, it’s also very popular, the number of users exceeding 100 million and growing constantly.

One of the reasons behind its success is the ability to be the perfect site for people with different preferences and intentions. Thanks to various filters I’ll mention in more detail further down this Passion dating review, it can transform from an explicit platform with lustful images to just about a regular dating site that is much safer for work.

Is Passion Worth it?

While I may hesitate answering this question for some other dating websites, leaves an impression of being a platform that has everything anyone could be asking for. It has lots and lots of settings and adjustment options, which in itself could actually be a serious letdown for some people.

Then again, that’s what Passion reviews are for. Your views on certain things may differ, but my task is to provide you with information on those things.


  • Highly customizable experience
  • A lot of women constantly active on the site
  • Verified users
  • Advanced search based on kinks
  • Affordable prices and good offers


  • No Passion dating app for Android
  • Buying a subscription is required for messaging
  • The display is crowded with buttons and features

Sign-up Process

There is a way to access the site without registering, although it’s not convenient and does not provide a full image. And since all new visitors are met with a registration form, filling it in is the first step towards answering the question “Is scam or real?”

The signing up procedure consists of 5 stages, but that does not mean it cannot be done in a minute or two. Those are the basic details required for creating a profile, and they are simply split between 5 windows for convenience purposes.

The final touch will be activating your profile using the email you receive instantly. You are now ready to start exploring the possibilities.

Adding information to the profile

Passsion Website Usability

The site does not look fancy, it does not have a unique or memorable design. Nevertheless, it does have a convenient interface and has managed to attract millions of people, many of them still actively using it.

One thing reviews may not agree on is the amount of stuff you see on display. Some people find it distracting and excessive.

I do see the point and can even agree in a way, although I still lean more towards the opinion that the site just has everything within reach, and the main problem is the number of things and features it has to offer. I wish all dating sites had such a problem.

Passion's design

Surely, it can be intimidating when you first get there, not knowing what to click on and what all those pop-ups want from you. However, everything is neatly organized, and in a day or two, you will probably feel very comfortable.

It’s a bit overwhelming for those who are looking for a quick hook-up, but if you intend to spend some time on this site, you will soon appreciate its interface. Those who want to simplify it can either try an app for iPhone or a mobile version of

User Account

In my Passion website review, I would like to pay special attention to what a user account has. There are some regular tabs and sections like photo albums, videos, personal details, physical details, match preferences.

Then, there’s a tab containing a lot of questions you may have fun answering. And later, it may provide some topics for your match to discuss with you or vice versa. Here are the groups of questions:

  • sexual activities
  • sexual interests
  • fantasies
  • sexual accessories
  • dreams & goals
  • physical stuff
  • entertainment, sports & hobbies
  • work and living environment
  • outlook on life

When you visit someone’s page, you will also see a compatibility chart. This is a reason to try and fill your profile as much as possible, as it will later help you see the people who have a high chance to be your perfect match.

Users' personal details

Besides that, there’s also a blog tab. While many visitors won’t need it, it’s nice to know there is such an option. If you don’t want to seem like a shallow seeker of sexual pleasures (or even if you do), you may try to stand out and attract the people you want by keeping a personal blog.

One more useful feature is My Activities which helps you to get back to the pages you’ve visited or actions you’ve taken on the site.

Credits and Payment Methods

You can’t really do much with a free standard membership, so if you want to reach out to someone, you will have to purchase a subscription plan. This makes many newly registered users wonder, “Is legit?”

But there’s nothing to worry about, you still get to see a lot in this demo-mode, you can see profiles of some users, while others are only available as a brief summary and thumbnails of photos.

There are three options, each presenting you with a different monthly price.

  • 1 month for $39.95
  • 3 months at $26.95 per month
  • 1 year at $19.95 per month

There’s also a good offer to help you save money if you allow members without a paid subscription to contact you. In that case, the prices will be reduced.

Gold membership prices

Is Passion Safe?

It all sounds rather good so far, but the main question remains. Is safe?

Well, there is a reminder of how to decrease your chances of getting a bad experience as a result of using the website. These are general rules dating websites post, advising against sharing any personal information or speaking about your income.

Once again, the administration cannot speak for all of the registered users. One thing they do to differentiate real people from fakes is a verification procedure. So, it’s safer to hook up with users who have undergone it.

Verified users

Concluding Thoughts

It’s time to conclude this review, although there are things I haven’t mentioned. If the site interests you, I’m sure you’ll enjoy discovering them yourself.

It’s a great platform practically for anyone due to the number of tools, opportunities, and customization options.

And there is a chance to get a subscription at a lower price without sacrificing much. I would say it is a good deal, offering a great service at a really affordable price.


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