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What Is


WE CAN recommend this service!

logo is a platform that can be used without registering but with a few restrictions. The site positions itself as a place where one can find a partner in minutes. We have prepared a review where all the positive and negative sides of the platform will be described. However, first of all, a study that generally uses the site.

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What Is

Chatzy is a dating site that was founded in 2001 in Europe. However, it has been active since September 19, 2002. The domain name registration expired in 2021. It is a service for communicating with people without registration. One can connect to public chats without logging in. However, free registration gives access to a more extensive list of features. For example, a customer will have a list of the rooms to connect to without a need to save the links. You can also save changes made to the room’s visual profile. After registering, a person can also control the group of people who can send you invitations. The process is quick and easy, but there will be access to advanced features only for verified users once completed.


How to Register on Chatzy?

Despite the registration method, it takes 5 minutes.

  • One can sign up using social networks – Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Microsoft. However, there are also disadvantages to such registration. For example, the accounts are synced, and a customer will not be able to change their profile photo. If they want to use all the site features, then we recommend the second method of registration.
  • Registration with your email. A confirmation email will be sent to your email. Follow the link in it and create a strong password. We do not recommend setting the same password for all accounts, as this is not safe.

If one learned about the platform from friends, they could add someone to different chats by entering your email. If one does not want different notifications from dating sites to be sent to the main mail, used for work, a customer can create a personal mail for registrations and your other accounts. We have looked at thousands of user reviews, and no one had any difficulties with registration. Thus, after spending 5 minutes, one is ready to look for the perfect partner.


Chatzy Review on Website Design and Usability

This is a fragmented site. Its design is too simple and without dynamic colors, graphics or video. Moreover, it has no file configuration file pages. However, many users find it usable and impressive. For example, a user can join the conversation in a completely anonymous chat. On the settings, one can choose how people identify them. A user can also configure their skin. Here one can find all other important accounts and page settings for the page, as well as the use of it, including the Chat Report, which they created and entered. However, it is good to be careful when providing personal information to other people. Online security is still a user’s priority.

Pros and Cons

Each platform has its pros and cons. Therefore, in our review, we will talk about them.

Among the main pros:

  • Fast and free registration
  • Ability to use the services of the site without registration.
  • Various account registration methods.
  • Possibility to remain anonymous.
  • Lots of chat rooms.
  • Ability to create your own emoji library.

Among the main cons:

  • Profile information cannot be viewed.
  • Fake accounts may come across.
  • It is often difficult to update your profile photo.

Main Features

This platform has useful features that help admins and moderators manage their chats smoothly. Here is a list of unique features that you may like:

Visitors Status

When users visit a website, they can add “Guest Status.” This private message is displayed in the visitor panel. They can change their status in the visitor bar or by typing the following command:

  • /status < message >
  • /away < message >
  • /leave < message >

Locally Stored Messages

It lists all the private messages one has received from all the joined rooms. They are stored locally in the user’s browser.

Private Messages

It allows sending private messages to other members that no one else can see, not even room managers. To send it, one can click the visitor’s name in the panel or type a particular command in the chat – /pm [name] [messages].


Global Message

They are similar to the previous type. The difference is that the global message is sent to all room members. If you are the room manager, you can change the room settings to allow everyone to send them.

Room Board

The room board is the little text one sees at the top of the chat room. This can be moving or highlighted text containing a specific message or a reminder of the room rules. If a customer has a premium room, they can always change it if necessary.

Preview Mode

One can silently follow a conversation or create a chat without triggering system messages. However, this function can be used only by administrators and moderators of chatrooms.

Turn off Chat Temporarily

Room managers and moderators have the right to close chats when they are absent or offline. It can also be done for security purposes.

Silence Newbies

Newcomers are those who enter the user’s room for the first time without being invited. Only premium rooms can automatically turn off newbies. However, one can turn off the sound of newcomers in the room.

Ignore Visitors

It allows a user to ignore anyone in the room. By ignoring someone, one will not be able to see this person’s new posts or private messages.

Free Access and Pricing

One does not need to buy a subscription if you are satisfied with the free features. A customer can:

  • Register a profile;
  • Create personal chat or virtual room in one click;
  • Search and join free public chat rooms;
  • Send private messages;
  • Send messages in chat rooms;
  • Use special chat commands;
  • Customize your profile;
  • Use the emoji library.

As for the premium, one will have:

  • HTTPS privacy;
  • No ads and timeouts;
  • Access to a complete chat history;
  • Unlimited lists and messages.

User Premium

3 Months



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6 Months



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Room Premium

2 Weeks


$ 30.99

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1 Month


$ 20.66

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3 Months



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12 Months



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How to Use Chatzy Sexting?

One can find chat rooms on this platform with topics they like and want to discuss. So one should click the Find More Rooms tab and type in a topic of interest. There are no restrictions on what type of room to look for, but one can be as specific as possible. The site allows one to join an existing chat room and create and personalize one for oneself. Regardless, the site is free for everyone. Some chat rooms do not allow newcomers to join the community to interact immediately. If this happens, one can send a message to the room administrator allowing participation in the conversation.

Sext Online Chatzy: Mobile App

Chatzy app is not available. One can use it only by mobile browser or your computer. However, the site has a pretty decent mobile version and a screen option where one can edit the screen settings. When using it, one should consider the disability to enlarge or reduce the website’s pages. Its interface is very similar to the desktop version. It was obsolete and straightforward when dial-up connections existed. Despite its prehistoric interface, the mobile site is very functional. It provides a lighter chatting experience. Another advantage is the ability to customize it. It means that you can change the skin to your liking. The program allows you to change background colors or images, default font styles, and others.

Privacy and Security

This platform uses standard user protection and does not ask for personal information. Based on various Chatzy reviews, the site has never been hacked. In other words, all the user needs is an email or social network to use the services. There are no annoying ads with calls to have fun on the stream of some webcam model. In addition, users who seem suspicious or unpleasant to someone can be ignored or removed from the chat room. Therefore, Chatzy is safe.

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4.2 / 5.0
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Easy of Use
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4.2 / 5.0

Overall Rating

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4.2 / 5.0


Answers to the questions that may appear while using this dating platform.

Is Chatzy Worth It? We have to admit that this platform is not ideal for a quick relationship search. Communication usually takes place in general terms, where there are many people. Therefore, if one is less sociable and it is not easy to stand out from the crowd, then there is a chance that you will not go into private messages with anyone. Unfortunately, it does not have an app, but it is worth trying.
Is Chatzy Legit? It is a legit platform that was officially registered by European law. By accepting rules and buying a premium, one agrees to its conditions and signs a public contract.
Is Chatzy Safe? The platform does not use personal data for other purposes, but it is safe. Nevertheless, never forget about general rules of safety on the Internet.
Are There Any Face Accounts? We saw some Chatzy room reviews about fake accounts, but they seem emotional for us without evidence. Of course, you can meet in a chat a passive person or who tries to use all the cliches. However, it does not mean that it is fake.
Is Chatzy a Good Website? As for the design, it is too simple but also easy to use. Unfortunately, our team spent a few days there and failed in chatting with someone new privately. So the website is not the best option for dating everyone.


Whether one wants to meet a soul mate or have a quick one-night stand, many platforms can help more effectively. As a result of our review, we concluded that this platform is excellent for discussing your sexual fantasies and sharing experiences in an adult sexting Chatzy. Therefore, anyone has a chance to find a partner here and meet in person. In addition, rooms have more than just sex themes, so one can find topics they want and are willing to discuss.