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charmerly review

In this Charmerly dating site review, I collected information about the site’s usability, its services, channels of communication, and payment methods. I will guide you through every step from registration to payment process and show you how each service works on this site.

In this review, I will also explain to you what you should do to get free credits and start talking to girls paying nothing. I have also analyzed and compared the strong and weak sides of this dating platform so that you could make your own decision whether you can trust this site.

What is Charmerly?

Charmerly is an international dating platform whose goal is to help people from different countries find true love and build healthy relationships.

This service has been around for over 10 years, and the fact that it is still operating gives hope that it is a good one. Even though Charmerly is oriented towards both men and women, it is obvious that men are more frequent visitors here.

Hundreds of pretty ladies are searching for a man on this site. And that is not an exaggeration. I looked through female profiles, and indeed they are all very beautiful.

Maybe that is exactly what Charmerly means stating that it is a premium dating platform. So, if you are a man who is looking for a pretty woman, you will easily find her on this site.

By the way, there is a Charmerly app which you may install on your smartphone. That way, you will always be able to communicate with ladies at any time and any place. Check also this victoriamilan review.

Is Charmerly worth it?

Is Charmerly scam or not? I believe that you will find a lot of arguments on the Internet which can support both opinions.

I am not going to convince you whether they are good or not but provide you with the list of obvious facts so that you could make your own decision.


  • Free credits to new users
  • No need to pay money to test the platform’s usability
  • Private photos don’t require paying additional credits


  • Only two methods of communication - instant chat and mail
  • Gifts are quite expensive
  • No instant customer support chat

Sign-up Process

So, let’s start our journey across Charmerly dating site and discover together whether this site is a good place for finding a beloved one. And the first step is completing registration.

The good thing is that the signing-up process will take no longer than a minute. There are only five fields that you need to fill. You have to select whom you are seeking, specify your birthday, provide an email address and, of course, make a password, and write your name or nickname if you want.

sign up process

After this really short and fast registration, you will get access to the Charmerly website. However, you will first be offered to fill in a short questionnaire.

You may skip it, but this questionnaire is made in such a way that you should skip each question separately, but not all at once. It is a bit inconvenient as for me. Fortunately, once you deal with it, there will be no more barriers, and you can start searching and chatting with girls.

welcome to charmerly

Charmerly Website Usability

Now, let’s take a closer look at the site’s usability and how everything works here. The homepage and the search page are the same page.

So, clicking the site’s logo or the search button in the navigation bar, you will see the photos of ladies according to your search requirements. There are two types of searches - simple and extend. A simple one allows specifying the age range, online status, and whether an account of a searched person is validated.

women profiles

The extended search has more options which allow clarifying what kind of a person you are seeking. Using this filter, you may select a country, city, marital status, children, religion, education, and the presence or absence of drinking and smoking habits.

women profiles charmerly

Another quite interesting method of finding a person is a Face function. It is a kind of game where you will be shown photos of girls. If you like her, click the like button, if you don’t, then skip her.

This method of search allows you to interact with users while searching because once you like somebody, this person will get a notification about it. The same way, you will also get notifications when somebody views and likes your photo.

woman's photo

On the right side, you will always find My Statistics info. There, you can see the amount of unread chat and mail messages, visitors who viewed your profile, people who added you to favorites, and those who liked you (a search game that we mentioned before).

my statistics

Choosing Flowers and Presents, you may check the status of all the presents that you sent to the ladies. Contacts and meetings requests contain information on all arrangements with users that you have made.

User Account

The site says that it is an international platform for people from all over the world. However, I found out that most of the girls on this site are from Ukraine and Russia.

Well, maybe that is even for better because as far as I know, the prettiest women are considered to be from these countries.

So, what exactly is the user’s profile on Charmerly? Well, a very standard, I must admit. Select a user in a search or elsewhere, and you will be redirected to her profile and see a huge profile’s photo and some other images below it.

On the right side, there is some general information such as a name, location, height, and weight. Under this section, you will have two channels for communication - instant chat and mail. If a user is not online, an instant chat will not be available, and you will be able to only send messages via mail.

user account

You may ask what is the difference between these two channels of communication. Each of them has some benefits as well as drawbacks. For example, instant chat allows to communicate with a person right here and right now. Using this method, you exchange messages in real time.

The length of every message in this chat is limited by 300 characters. However, it doesn’t matter a lot since you pay not for the number of messages but for the time you spend talking to a lady. Chat is available only when a user is online.

Mail allows sending messages even if the user is offline. Its length should be from 150 to 3500 characters. This method also gives you an opportunity to attach images up to 10 MB.

When you use this option of communication, you only pay for each message you send but not for the message you get as a reply. So, as you can see, both options have their benefits, but now let’s return to the user's profile.

If you scroll a bit lower, you will find some private photos which become available only after a person answers you in a chat. On the right, you can find more detailed information about a girl.

Here, you will see the answers to all those filters that you may use after choosing the extended search and a brief narration that a user leaves about herself.


Credits and Payment Methods

The good news is that every newcomer who validates the email address will get 20 credits for free. Just in two clicks, you will receive 20 credits or about 10 minutes in an instant chat. A great welcome bonus, no doubts! Not many dating platforms allow its visitors to test the service before paying money.

credit and payment methods

However, the welcome credits will be out sooner or later, and you will need to purchase more to talk to girls further. That’s why you should visit the Credits page where you can buy Charmerly credits and check the current state of available credits on your balance.

my credits

Charmerly offers two methods of payment - a credit card and PayPal. Choose the one which is more comfortable for you. All personal information is secure and will not be provided to the third parties.

Is Charmerly Safe?

Is Charmerly legit? Is it safe to use? The questions that many of us would like to address and get an honest answer.

This site will not steal your money, that’s the fact. You're able to check your balance at any time to see how many credits there is. For every service you decide to use there is a notification which informs you how much it costs. So, there is nothing to worry about because you know exactly how much you pay and when.

Another issue is scam users. Unfortunately, that is something that none of the existing dating sites can 100% protect their users from unless they will take certain precautions measures themselves.

In the majority of cases when people become victims of fraudsters, it is the result of their own mistakes. Charmerly warns all users not to provide any financial information to other people you meet on this site.

Do not send money or pay for the products the users may ask you to. Remember that it is a dating site where people should talk about feelings and develop relationships.

If the talk begins about your money, that should immediately warn you. There is a high possibility that such a person is not interested in relationships with you, but only in your money.

If you noticed any suspicious activity, inform the administration of the site about it. They will investigate your case, and if there are real grounds for your concern, the users’ account will be disabled.

Concluding Thoughts

So, what is Charmerly? Is it a good dating website or a scam service as some Charmerly reviews state? Taking into consideration all the information that I found, I cannot say any bad things about this site.

Indeed, it is not free, and you should pay money, but that’s what all other dating sites do as well. In my opinion, the greatest advantage of Charmerly is free credits for all new users.

You can test this service and talk to girls without spending your money. You can view their private photos, and there is no need to pay additionally for that option, just start a chat.

This dating platform allows its new users to check everything, and only after they ensure that everything works, the visitors decide whether to pay for the services on this site or not. So, you do not buy a pig in a poke, and that’s exactly what many other dating services cannot offer.


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