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dreamsingles review

DreamSingles is not a new dating platform, and thus, many people may view it as a good sign and consider it a reliable service.

First, I had the same opinion, but after I have visited the site and spent some time there, I discovered a lot of things which alarmed me making me think that an old site doesn’t always mean a good one.

In this review, I have covered everything that you would like to learn in advance before deciding to buy a subscription on this site. I hope that my little investigation will save your time and money!

What is DreamSingles?

DreamSingles is one of those dating platforms which has been created long ago and probably was one of the first on the market.

The company was founded in 2003, and if you take a look at the site’s design, you may notice that it has not changed a lot since that time.

Those of you who remember how the sites looked in 2000-s will see a lot of elements that one cannot find on a modern site today. It is like making a trip to the past.

The reason why I draw your attention to the visual component is because DreamSingles states that they use a winning combination of cutting-edge technology. That seems to contradict what you may see on the site.

And thus I wonder whether other things that DreamSingles promise are true. It is said that DreammSingles helps people from different countries to find a special one on this site and build a successful relationship and marriage.

But is dream singles real? The only way to find the truth is to check everything personally, which I did.

Is DreammSingles Worth It?

Here is the list of things which I consider good and bad about this dating website. I will discuss them in more details further in this review.


  • a dream singles app
  • a 3-day trial for only 1 dollar
  • you can chat with members even if you don’t buy a subscription, but only for a very short period of time


  • a limited amount of regions
  • fake spam first messages from other members
  • a high price

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Sign up Process

The registration process is simple and consists only of a few fields. You need to indicate who you are seeking for, provide your email address, make a password, select your country and the date of birth.

A very simple and, as for me, a quite standard sign-up process. But one thing that drew my attention was the notion that it was Free. Well, I have not seen any services which charge their users just for registering.

Who would pay money in advance without even getting a chance to check how everything works there? Or maybe that is a warning that you can create a profile for FREE, but that is the only thing which is free, and you should pay money for all the rest? Now when I have completed the registration, I can get an answer to this question.

sign up

DreamSingles Website Usability

As I have already mentioned before, dream singles dating website is far from being a modern one. So, here you will find a lot of sections, buttons, tabs, and information that can easily confuse you when you visit it for the first time.

But do not worry, I will guide you and explain how everything works. Here is how a home page looks like.

I know there are too many fields, while it seems that the only thing which people do need on a site like this is a good chat. So, what can one find on DreamSingles?

women profiles

On the left side, you can see a long section subdivided into 4 categories - Members Area, Profile Gallery, My Services, and Information.

Members Area contains tabs which show the current number of unread messages, connections, account options, and Start My Trial which redirects you to the billing page where you may select and purchase a membership.

Profile Gallery includes the following:

  • Search. It allows you to set the specific requirements and check how many people suit them. However, there are only two filters - age and online status. Not much to find the perfect match, that’s for sure.
  • Online Now. A feature which shows what members are online right now. Pointless.
  • Video Chat. A list of users who indicate that they can communicate with others via video chat.
  • Voice Chat. This option is just the same as the previous one, but without a visual component.
  • Intro videos. You will be shown a list of members who have the intro videos they prepared for other users.
  • The next tab is my services which supposedly includes everything you need for dating on DreamSingles.

  • Live Video Chat. This is just the same as Video chat in the previous section. Serious Dater Program. A very smart trick to make you pay even more. For only 10 dollars a month, the site promises to show your profile to other members more frequently labeling you as a “serious dater.”
  • Member Reward. No, you will not get money back for inviting new people or any sort of discounts. It is a program which gives you bonuses for spending credits on the site. It is just one more way to make you spend more.
  • The last section is Information, and it contains some general things like tips, FAQ, About Us, and so on which you usually may find in the footer of the site.
  • User Account

    Now, I want to show you how a member’s profile looks on DreamSingles. On the left, you can see a few photos and sometimes Private Albums with photos which are not available for an average member.

    On the right, you will find a very common description of a member starting from age and location and ending with a description of hobbies, a few words about oneself, and a perfect relationship.

    user profile

    The available communication channels are presented by chat, email, and calls. I tried to write a few girls and received very cold answers like they didn’t really care about me and had to answer to me because that was their job.

    That makes me wonder whether it was true that other reviews told about the dream singles scam dating. First, you get an invitation from a lady for a chat, and then she starts ignoring you.

    One more thing that I don’t really like is the promise of members from different countries. There are very few people whom you face here from other regions, most of the members are from Eastern Europe, countries like Ukraine and Russia.

    However, even if you find somebody from another country, for example, Singapore, you will not see a person who is supposed to live in that country. It is still the same European lady, but for some reason, the country indicated in her profile is Singapore.

    another user

    Credits and Payment Methods

    DreamSingles offers 4 memberships for its members - Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. They all have some features in common such as an opportunity to read an unlimited amount of emails, 10 Flirts, 50% Off Intro Videos, and 50% Off Live Chat Features.

    But there are also some options which differ depending on the package you select and a certain amount of dream singles free credits, but only for the first time registering.

    credits and payments

    If such an offer is too expensive for you, try a 3-day instant access for 1 dollar. However, keep in mind that after 3 days you will be automatically charged for a month’s subscription unless you cancel the subscription.

    DreamSingles accepts such methods of payment as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Network.

    Is DreamSingles Safe?

    To find out whether this dating platform is safe, I decided to learn from dream singles reddit reviews since this feedback may shed some light on this issue.

    People who used this service told different things. Some stated that this dating platform is a total scam, others said that it was not so bad. Nevertheless, the majority of them agreed that it is safe to use this service and you will not lose your money.

    Another point is whether it is worth the money you pay since as I have mentioned before this dating platform doesn’t seem to be a good place for finding a special one.

    Other members show an interest only to make you start chatting with them, and once you enter the messenger, they are not into you anymore for no reason.

    Talking about the anti-scammers policy, I can say with 100% confidence that it doesn’t work. It is said that DreamSingles verify the member’s identity by making a phone call.

    There is also a note that it is done randomly which means that not every new user is checked by the service. Personally, I didn’t get such a call, and I believe neither did many other members.

    So, what is the purpose of such an anti-scammers policy if there is still a high chance that you will meet a member whose profile is not verified? I don’t think that DreamSingles does everything it can to protect its members from fraudsters.

    member profiles confirmation

    Concluding Thoughts

    Summing up this dream singles review, I want to say that after my personal research of this site, I was very upset with the result. I saw a very outdated service which states that it uses modern approaches, but for some reason has an old fashioned and even primitive design.

    I found members who spam you with huge flow of messages wanting to talk with you, but once you start a chat, they lose interest. I also didn’t get why dream singles cost so much. The price varies from 10 to 100 dollars per month, but there are also some credits which you should buy additionally.

    So, what is the final price of this service to use it in a full measure? That’s the short list of things which I am not satisfied with and thus, don’t consider this dating platform being a good one for searching a soulmate. Check also my ArabLounge review .


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